How to be Comfortable in a Dating Situation + Comfy Outfit Ideas – Valentine’s Edition

Win over your guy on your date. Is it your first date with him? Make a good first impression. Dating can be difficult at times, especially when it’s your first time with him. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get cozy in a dating scene. Learning how to be at easy wherever you are will allow you to always have fun.

So we’ve rustled up a few “how to be comfortable in a dating situation” tips and comfortable date outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day.


A sense of style is essential when it comes to dating. You need to look your best in order for you to be comfortable (plus the fact that you might run into other people you know, not looking like a stressed out bear). The moment you walk out that door, think of yourself as a Hollywood star.


Wear clothes that align with your personality. Your date will learn more about your tastes and yourself as he starts to get to know you. You will most likely be more confident in clothes you enjoy wearing.


It’s always important to have a smile on your face. Looking happy attracts other happy people. Don’t forget to keep up that smile because that’s one thing he will never forget about you.


To make sure that you’re comfy in any dating situation, remind yourself to be positive. Be optimistic and have a good energy because he will totally feel that vibe from you.


Keep your topics neutral so you both are comfortable and it will be easy to know each other better. Don’t go for topics that you’re sure will likely turn him off. No, he doesn’t want to know how many shots you took before you threw up in an alley behind the dumpster where you also found a dead kitten.


Topics you might enjoy could be – entertaining stories, vacations, movies you’ve recently watched, a good restaurant you’ve recently been at. No to politics, religions, spiritual beliefs.


Don’t forget good posture. If you look slouchy, you’ll look so lazy. If you don’t stand up straight, you won’t appear proud. Also, having good posture will make you look elegant as well.


Use body language to convey your interest in him. Non-verbal cues cans show that you’re actually enjoying your date with him. Gestures like playing with your hair, crossing your legs, slowly blinking your eyes.


Ask him topics he has never been asked before like some specific interests you may have noticed – instead of some general things like his profession, what type of car he has. For example, if he’s wearing a band shirt, ask him about the band and what his favorite song and stuff, and where he got the shirt because it’s pretty cool.


Being funny and spontaneous can help you become more comfy with him. Having a great sense of humor is a plus. Everyone loves a funny person.