How to: Add Velvet to Your Outfits the Modern Way

velvet 12Velvet is such a luxurious fabric – it’s more luxurious than what you wear every day and although it is not as fancy as your cashmere or silk, we believe that velvet could just be what you need.

It’s a fabric that has been around since the 90s and for you to rock the velvet trend now, you got to make sure you don’t like you’re stuck in the past.

Here are some easy ways to add velvet to your outfit.


velvet 1No over-the-top velvet
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Some will be overwhelmed with the fabric that in order for you to look great in it, start off with a small item. It could be a mini skirt or a crop top.


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It doesn’t have to extremely stand out. Wearing tiny bits of velvet into your outfit can be forgiving and is a lot easier to pull off.


velvet 3Burgundy is the new black
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Always go for the classic oxblood or maroon hues. It’s much easier to mix and match it with your fall must-have because it easily blends with the rich, warm and dark color scheme.


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It’s not harsher than black – the classic oxblood velvet is also so effortless to find in any shops and boutiques because it’s a pretty stylish color for velvet fabrics.


velvet 6Accents
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If you want a more subtle look, you can incorporate velvet into your outfit as an accent or as an accessory to complement your ensemble.


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It could be a pair of velvet loafers, a velvet purse for that touch of luxe or even a velvet choker to give your look a nice 90s vibe going on.


velvet 7Velvet with other textures
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While velvet is smooth and soft, it’s perfect for playing with other textures as well. Pair yours with something that’s made of leather for a sweet yet edgy ensemble.


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To know which works best with velvet, try experimenting with different textures that can give your outfit an interesting and stylish look each time.


velvet 9Statement velvet
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Invest in a velvet statement piece if you want to go all out with your outfit. For example, a velvet dress or maybe a velvet cardigan. Even a matching velvet set is okay as well.


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Whatever you want it to be, as long as you think you will be able to pull it off, then go right ahead.