How to Achieve Flawless Makeup for Prom

makeup looks for prom 12Here are some red carpet looks you can borrow for your prom makeup and some tips on how to keep your makeup looking flawless even in prom photos.


makeup looks for prom 1When it comes looking flawless in prom photos, you need the right prom beauty technique all mastered. So how does one really look great in photos, you ask? The key is to practice. If you have so much time in your hands, try and do a test run before the big day. Take some selfies and see if your makeup looks great in the photos.


makeup looks for prom 2You’re going to need a good base to keep your makeup in place. Also, it will be the canvas to your makeup. Moisturize with a very nice cleanser. Prime your face with a good primer then evenly blend foundation into your face. Use a beauty blender or a brush and stipple the foundation in place.

TIP: Avoid foundations, moisturizers and primer with SPF. They tend to leave a white cast on your face especially when it comes to flash photography.


makeup looks for prom 3Some blushes won’t show up in photos. You’re probably thinking you need a heavier application of your favorite blush. For that, why not apply first a strobe cream or a creamy glow moisturizer then you can apply your powder blush. The strobe cream can give your look a more natural kind of flush.


makeup looks for prom 4Bronzer is something that naturally shows up in photos. Be sure to blend your bronzer very well so it wouldn’t look so muddy and dirty on your face. We suggest you invest in a good cream contour because it’s much easier to blend and control.

TIP: Draw a soft line under your cheekbones, jaw line and a line on your nose then blend with a damp beauty blender or a foundation brush. Remember to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.


makeup looks for prom 5“Should I highlight my face even though there’s flash photography? I might look really glittery in the photo.” Yes, you certainly need to highlight your face but lightly. Lightly sweep highlight powder where the light naturally reflects on your face then top it off with a powder.

TIP: If you want a dewy finish, add on that strobe cream or creamy glow moisturizer around your face.


makeup looks for prom 6Find an eye shadow that will compliment your eye color. You don’t need the latest trendy eye look when it doesn’t even suit you. When you have brown eyes, go with purple tones. For blue eyes, go with grays and for green eyes, go with brown tones.


makeup looks for prom 7There are so many quads out there you can use as your shadow. For your lower lid, go with a lighter color then for the socket line, go darker for a dramatic look. Also, don’t forget to bring that color down along the bottom lash line.


makeup looks for prom 8Don’t forget about your eyebrows. You don’t need a really defined arch. Brows are the frames of your face. When it’s sparse, lightly fill them in with a pencil. You can add on a brow gel to keep your brows in place. If you already have darker and more defined brows, just sweep some brow mascara to give them a more polished look.


makeup looks for prom 9The tip to a longer and lasting lip is to firstly, exfoliate – remove the dead skin cells on your lips.

Second – moisturize. You lips need a bit of love after rubbing them with rough particles.

Third – fill in your lips with a lip liner. It will act as a base for your lipstick. Think of it as the primer and the foundation; without the primer, your foundation won’t have a smooth canvas, plus, it would totally slip and slide. Prom is a night to remember and you don’t need your makeup slipping away throughout the night.


makeup looks for prom 10Whatever your lipstick color may be, always match it with your lip liner. When the lipstick wears off, there will still be color showing thanks to the lip liner.