How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Suit?

dry cleaning suit 12Dry cleaning– it’s the best method to remove stains of your expensive suits.

A man’s dress suit is one of the most expensive additions to most men’s wardrobe. But how often should you dry clean your suit?


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There isn’t an exact science that tell you when the right time is to take your suit coat and trousers to the dry cleaners.


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The good rule of thumb is to dry clean your suit when brushing, airing out and spot cleaning aren’t removing the stains, dirt and odors.


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You even probably have a schedule – every week or two, you get them cleaned. But maybe you’re probably overdoing it when you think about it.


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Your suit, except the trousers, doesn’t really touch a lot of your body. You have a shirt. Not even the jacket sleeve is going to touch your body.


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The shirt protects the jacket from all of your jacket and the only thing that it picks up is dirt for the entire day.


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And you can handle that by at the end of each day with a suit brush and simply brushing off your suit.


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Before you hang it, you need to brush it off. It will only take you one minute and it will even extend the time that you need to take your clothing to the cleaner for two to four times.


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Instead of going every one to two weeks, you could go a month to two months between taking it to the cleaners since most of the time, you just need to get food particles and other debris that built up outside of the suit that could also start to settle in.


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Aside from having the brush suit, you should also consider a sponge and a steamer. The sponge is for spot cleaning, and when your jacket has wrinkles, don’t iron your suit and instead, press or steam your jacket.


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Brushing, steaming, spot cleaning and consider sponge and press. Never iron directly. So what’s the answer to “how often should you dry clean”? The answer is only when you have to.