House Party Outfit Ideas

house party outfit ideas 11

Crashing a house party soon? You’re going to need a really decent outfit when you want to have fun and meet a couple of nice people there. First impressions always last so make sure you’re wearing something that isn’t too revealing but not anything too boring as well. Check out some of the house party outfit ideas you should sport, especially if you haven’t been to one of these.


house party outfit ideas 1If you’re attending a party for booze and dancing, you’re going to need a set of comfortable clothes. Go with a flannel shirt over a plain tank top, denim shorts and comfortable Chelsea boots.


house party outfit ideas 2If you know only a couple of people are going, it’s pretty safe to wear open sandals like this one. Wearing this type of footwear to a crowded party will instantly murder your precious feet.


house party outfit ideas 3There’s nothing wrong with wanting to flaunt your body. It’s a party and naturally when you party, you sort of want to dress seductively. Try this cutout cropped top paired with a pencil skirt to balance your look, showing just the right amount of skin.


house party outfit ideas 4Wear a striped baggy dress paired with studded leather boots for a simple badass look.


house party outfit ideas 5Look dainty and cute in a peach cropped top paired with black skorts and girly sandals.


house party outfit ideas 6This outfit is pretty casual and cool. It’s like you didn’t put much effort into your look. Find one article of clothing you want to stand out from this outfit – in this case, the denim jeans.


house party outfit ideas 7Wear a cute pastel dress. Some guys totally find it attractive when girls wear pastels, especially in dress form. Find one that has a v-neck line to give it a sultrier look. If the dress is plain, just add some accessories like layering necklace.


house party outfit ideas 8Black bralette, check oversized jacket, denim mini skirt and t-bar flat shoes for a basic look.


house party outfit ideas 9When in doubt, go with a white top paired with black skorts and gladiator shoes for that grungy and effortlessly chic look.


house party outfit ideas 10Layering is always cool – bomber jacket, cropped tank blouse, floral skirt and canvas shoes.