Hottest Summer Trends for 2015

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School is almost over. What better way to swap your boring uniforms and conservative looks with stylish outfits. Here are some of the hottest summer trends you need to try.

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Instead of wearing a regular bikini when you’re heading to the beach or just lounging poolside, try a high-waist swimwear for an instant retro look. it’ll even be better if it’s in pastel to go with the season.

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Summer won’t be summer without cute and flirty dresses. Go with acid brights and vintage chic like this one.
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Chanel your inner boho with a cute fringe piece incorporated into your summer look. it’s also going to be the perfect statement piece when you head to summer music festivals. Fringe + lace = lovely

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Summer isn’t complete with dainty cropped tops. Choose a matching pair of cropped top and pants for an eye-catching look.

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White sneakers go with just about anything. You can pair them with almost everything inside your closet.

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Anything bright-framed or bright-lens for sunglasses is perfect for the season.

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For jewelry, choose necklaces with relic pendants. It’s the perfect vivid personality statement just for you.

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Metallic details represent the spring and summer jewelry trend. Anything with metallic and colorful twisted look but with a minimalistic feel is something you need to sport for the season.

summer trends 2015 9Cargo style shorts are in style. You can easily mix the boyish piece with feminine touches like a white blouse with lace details and a multi-colored top.

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Anything in marsala, whether as a dress, rompers, tops, trousers, bags, shoes, is also perfect for summer. It’s been dubbed color of the year so it would surely make an outstanding impression. Just make sure not to go overboard with the pieces.