Hilarious, Witty and Funny Costumes for Men

Funny costumes for men are suddenly becoming the themes for any party. Wearing a costume is nice, but wearing a funny costume can open so many doors to numerous monkey businesses. You’ve probably seen scary costumes a lot of times already but for Halloween parties, costume parties and holiday festivals, these costumes will surely be an unforgettable fashion getup.


Beauty is a Beast Funny Adult Costume

funny-costumes-1Sorry but you’ll never become Belle in this Beauty is a Beast costume. Become both beauty and the beast by wearing this cleverly funny costume for Halloween. Everybody’s going to laugh so hard when they see you in this outfit.


Uncle Bert Adult Costume

funny-costumes-1Everybody has an uncle like this. Dress up like your crazy Uncle Bert in this hilarious apparel. Make sure to provide ridiculous and funny anecdotes when conversing with people to match your look.


Adult Pregnant Girl Costume

funny-costumes-1Get ready to become the life of the party rocking this pregnant girl costume. Now who’s going to believe you’re still the innocent school girl everybody seemed?


Big Cry Baby Adult Costume

funny-costumes-1This ensemble dates back to the days were diaper rash was in and responsibility is a long word that you don’t even understand yet. Throw all the tantrums that you want. Ask a friend to wear this funny costume with you as well.


Sumo Wrestler Costume for Adult

funny-costumes-1A one-of-a-kind outfit that’s sure to make you the center of all jokes and good fun wherever you wear it. If you’re lucky, maybe a lady would like to wrestle with you.


Chicken Fighter Costume

funny-costumes-1This larger than life chicken costume will make your opponent just walk away. Seeing you and your chicken after this, nobody will ever want to mess around with you.


Ole Cow Hand Adult Costume

funny-costumes-1Forget about the traditional cowboy attire and opt for something playful like this. You’ll surely look like a mighty ornery when you wear all of these at once. This is an outfit that will certainly make the people buckle over in laughter.


Ride-A-Monkey Adult Costume

funny-costumes-1Hitching a ride on a monkey at the zoo doesn’t seem to be a great idea. You’ll be kicked out of the premises immediately. Instead of riding a real monkey to make a statement this Halloween, why not wear this ride-a-monkey costume instead.


Frank the Flasher Costume

Grandpa has gotten some weird issue where he likes to get out of the house then we he immediately steps out, the wind gets up under it. Now the entire neighborhood can’t un-see what he’s got down there. It’s not really a pretty sight but people would think this costume is hilarious.


Adult Pig Costume

funny-costumes-1Sweat like a pig, literally, in this Old MacDonald’s farm pig costume. Listen to the song so you know how to act like a proper gentleman when you’re in the barn with the rest of the animals.


Shark Attack Costume


Before swimming in the ocean, you should check the water for indications of shark. If you don’t, you’ll be the shark’s tasty treat. For this Halloween or Shark Week, sport this unique shark attack getup that will guarantee you instant costume success.

The crowd will be cheering in your favor when they see you in one of these funny costumes for adults. What getup are you going to sport for this coming Halloween?


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