Hipster Outfit Ideas

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Some are still confused what hipster means. The oldies refer to hipster as those flower-loving, blunt-lighting, environment-saving, independent-thinking people from the 80s but that idea is long way gone. While some still continue to reject everything about mainstream, some mixes mainstream and vintage, especially when it comes to fashion. Originally, you are considered hipster if you shop at vintage and thrift stores wear vintage inspired fashion and all that. But the biggest names of fashion have made a line that will make you look like a young grandmother. You’re actually paying for a few hundred dollars for a ten or fifteen-dollar faded and distressed jeans you could buy at the thrift store.

Here are some hipster fashion must-have that you need (without looking like you’re trying hard) which before considering yourself a real hipster.

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Hipster has first claimed the distressed, ripped and faded denim jeans trend. Then it happened to other colored jeans as well.

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These days, plaid isn’t the only favorite hipster pattern because floral is now part of it, especially if you add hipster pieces into it.

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Goths can be the only people wearing an all black outfit. Incorporate hipster boots, hipster accessories so it can be called a full-on hipster outfit.

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Hipsters can rock moto boots with anything and just about everything. From cute dresses to cuffed shorts, they’re the number 1 fans of the motorcycle boots (or any type of leather boots in general).

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With any type of boots, they could turn a boring outfit into instant chic, with the help of the right dress, jeans or any matching set.

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Sometimes, you see them layering button downs and sweaters. They sort of have a connection with the geek and nerdy look. They just make it cooler by pairing it with branded pieces like a statement pair of sneakers.

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If you ask random people what they first think of when they hear the word hipster, you’re going to get sick of hearing the word, “plaid”. Because yes, whether it’s a plaid dress, plaid pants, plaid top or plaid scarf, hipsters love plaid.

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Hipsters love their iconic sunglasses. Above all, they love the brand Ray-Ban. Also, their fedora hats.

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And did you know what iconic facial accessory from Ray-Ban they wear every day? The Wayfarer. These are very wearable and could look good with whatever they wear.

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Florals, plaids, anything eye-catching is actually considered hipster. These could be fun, rich and nuanced, but don’t go for something that will make you look older.