Hilariously Wierd Outfits You Don’t See Everyday

Planning an outfit is a hard decision. You want to look your absolute best and you want to stand out especially on a special occasion. If everyone wore high fashion every day, will it be even harder to make a decision about an outfit or will it be easier? Although all outfits will stand out, you have to admit everyone will look absolutely ridiculous.

Somebody somewhere makes a lot of money to declare these monstrosities of outfits to be in style. I may not live in a fashionable city like New York or Los Angeles, but I do live somewhere called Reality where the important laws are common sense and clear vision.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look at these hilarious styles you don’t see every day.

outfit you dont see everyday fashionYou and your dog are matching!! How adorable!

weird funny hilarious outfitWhat are you doing in the trash?

And there are these people who think they can be trendsetters. No, thanks.

wierd and queer outfit fashionBecause 2 arms isn’t Vogue-material.

wierd hilarious funny outfitAre you sure your contract is for modeling and not for slavery?

what the heck is this? wierd outfit fashionI would wear this… For Halloween. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the scariest of them all, thanks to this outfit.

wierd and queer outfitLipstick comes in a can. And because wearing only 1 eyeglass is so main stream.

super wierd and funny outfitMiss Piggy wore it better than her, to be honest.

weirdly funny outfit idea fashion styleTired of being a human? Become a durian fruit instead.

sleeping bag outfit queer hilarious funnyInstead of giving this entire line a 2 thumbs up, why not give it 2 legs up?

hilariously funny outfit fashionLights, camera, action! Here we go.

queer and weird outfitThis dress is anything butt extraordinary.

wierd and queer outfit ideaLady Gaga is so busy, she can’t even put on some clothes. Her management should give her a break.

funny and disgusting outfitDon’t wear your stripper attire in public. You might get fired.