Here Are Some of the Colors We Are Excited to Wear this Fall

fall colors women 2015 11Gone are the pastels, the bright colors and crazy prints. When it comes to fall, those aren’t the things that don’t come to us the first thing in the morning when we think about our outfit for the day.

When the weather is cold and the sky is dark, we often go for darker hues and that doesn’t mean we should just stick to black. And that doesn’t mean we should avoid all other colors.

If you want to look like your outfit is really screaming fall, here are some pieces that you need to add to your fall ensembles.


fall colors women 2015 1Marsala
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It’s the color of the year. Named after the same hue and wine, there are so many great colors you can combine with Marsala.


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Marsala is a cross between burgundy and brick red, so make sure to add this sophisticated color to your wardrobe.


fall colors women 2015 3Dark Blue
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It’s not just any blue, it’s dark blue and it’s the perfect color to wear if you want to look cool, fancy, classy and chic.


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This blue shade can be worn on its own but can also be mixed and matched with other colors as well. For a night out or dinner date, wear a dark blue romper to go with nude high heels for a really chic ensemble.


fall colors women 2015 5Military Green
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Also known as moss and olive green, this color was one and still is the hottest hues for this fall. Military green is almost categorized as a neutral color, meaning there are a lot of way to wear this with whatever you have in your wardrobe.


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If you’re a little unsure about what you should wear this with, try pairing it with cream, beige, black or white.


fall colors women 2015 7Gray
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Gray is also one of the hottest colors for this fall. If you want a less harsh color to black, then go for this soft alternative. Many women find gray easier to wear.


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It’s a pretty versatile color that can be worn in so many ways. To make your outfit look less boring and plain, try pairing your gray pieces with striking textures and prints.


fall colors women 2015 9Burnt Orange
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Think of pumpkin and the leaves during fall. When wearing burnt orange, try to forget that the color is actually burnt orange.


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It’s best to think of it as a neutral color that’s super easy to wear and match with your outfits. It could also be accessories like bags, shoes and jewelry.