Halloween Outfit Ideas for Lazy Girls

lazy halloween 10Too busy to come up with an over-the-top Halloween costume but can’t go through the whole costume stress? Well, lucky for you, you can still get into the Halloween spirit by trying out these cute and fun Halloween outfit ideas.


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Channel your inner 90s by throwing on this cozy Daria sweater.


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Skeleton leggings are super adorable and will never go out of style. Simply wear this leggings under your little black dress for a classy feel.


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This dress does look like a question but the real costume lies in the makeup and the villain’s signature black and red tights.


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Look super cute in a yellow Pikachu hoodie. It’s super easy. Just wear this with your comfy tee and jeans for a simple yet adorable Halloween costume.


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But isn’t a bat costume very Vampire-ish and very appropriate for Halloween? Just rock your bat onesie for the party then right to bed. Pretty convenient.


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This and anything that’s reference to “Mean Girls” is very Halloween.


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You wouldn’t even think that this is a costume (sort off). If you look at the dress up close and personal, you’re going to see a creepy monster print.


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A Halloween dress – orange, cat, pumpkin, ghost, owl spider, and skull – everything that’s associated with Halloween is printed on this dress.


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And if you want something a little bit creepy and morbid, then try out this blood-splattered dress.