Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

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You should start looking for your little kids’ Halloween costume. It will never too early for that. While every Halloween costume is on sale now, take advantage and check out these cool Halloween costume or themed-costume party ideas that will make your little one happy.


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Since we were young, we all wanted to be a witch or wizard, especially when Harry Potter came out. Why not let your little girl wear a Hermione costume? It’s great for Halloween or a themed-party that she will be attending this year. Make sure to choose the costume with Gryffindor House emblem so you get the entire Hermione look right.


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Whether it’s for cosplay or Halloween, this Princess Leia costume can be worn even on years to come. And if it won’t fit her anymore, then it would become a great general décor item. You don’t even have to buy a costume wig with side buns because this costume comes with it.


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If your little girl doesn’t like those girly costumes, get her this catwoman costume instead. The catsuit is guaranteed comfortable – it’s made of polyester, unlike for adults’ which is made of spandex.


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Everybody’s going to sport Frozen or Minion costumes this year. Instead of blending in with the other kids, make her stand out in this super cute Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume. Kids these days should know about the classics. This Dorothy costume comes in a blue gingham dress and blue hair bows. Complete her look with Dorothy’s signature braid, socks, shoes and basket.


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If we suggested a Hermione costume, we’re also going to suggest a Harry or Ron costume. Harry Potter is a classic – one that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s best to educated the little kids now of how great this literary piece. So this costume robe with Gryffindor emblem is great for Halloween and other themed-parties.


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For your little boy, why not this cool Darth Vader costume? For reference, you should get him a mask that allows voice changes just to give it a nice touch. He’ll surely make the other boys jealous. Don’t forget the lightsaber.


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Or maybe a Jedi Knight costumer if he doesn’t want his face covered? Now he can use the force to defend the galaxy.


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We’re certain most of the boys will be sporting superhero costumes like Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and Thor. But in a sea of superheroes, there’s still going to be a villain. This super cool Joker costume will have your little boy looking like a movie character. It comes with jacket and attached shirt, tie, vest, pants and a mask (if you don’t want to paint his face).