Hairstyles to Rock for Prom

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Still unsure of what your hairstyle should be for prom? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite hairstyles.


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsTry an elegant slicked back hair with subtle waves. No middle or side part – just simply slicked back. Have you seen these hairstyles on the red carpet recently?

All you need to do is curl section of hair using a large barrel curling iron then tease the hair on the top of the head then just wear it back. Set the hair with a finishing spray like a hair spray to hold your hair.


prom hairstyles 2015 2Do a pretty side pony with braid for a more unique look. Learn how to do it step by step, here.


prom hairstyles 2015 3Create a Roman-inspired ponytail. It’s sleek, chic and just lovely.

Comb your hair back into a ponytail at the crown of your head then dip your fingers into a hair wax then lightly run them over your hair.

Purchase a metallic silk cord then tie it around the base of your pony, leaving two long pieces on both sides then just crisscross them down towards the bottom of your ponytail. Simply wrap the remaining pieces into the lower portion of your ponytail then just cut off the excess.


prom hairstyles 2015 4Go retro with a half up, half down booty bouffant. Get the exact instructions here.


56th Annual Grammy Awards - ArrivalsAchieve this whimsical look and stand out among the crowd wearing this modern day take on the “Gibson Girl” hairstyle from the 1890s.

Using a large barrel iron, curl sections of your hair then section out hair two inches from the hairline. Roll and tuck hair on the side then secure with an elastic band. Easily wrap your hair into a messy bun then secure with bobby pins.

Pull the hair sectioned away back then secure with bobby pins. Mist with hairspray to keep your hair in place for the entire weight.


prom hairstyles 2015 6If you have so many spare bobby pins, you’re seriously going to need them for this classic chignon twist. Check out the full tutorial here.


461628069NW00235_NBC_s_71stShort hair? No problem. Play with retro style like Taylor Swift’s. Start with a blow-dried hair with volumizing mousse. Pass through sections of hair with a round brush then once it’s dry, curl sections of hair then pin in place. Take them out then just run your fingers around them, sprit some hairspray when needed, to get that bouncy and voluminous hair around your face.


prom hairstyles 2015 8Do you have a medium-length bob and just unsure of what to make out of it? You can do a cute braided up do such as this one.


prom hairstyles 2015 9For long curly hair, try this romantic twist hairstyle.

Defrizz your hair by finger-combing curling cream through your dry hair. Gather your hair making it into a French twist then lay it against your head. Make use of pins leaving the ends of it loose.

Pull a couple of sections out around your face then just add on an eye-catching headband or cute accessory for a very feminine effect.


prom hairstyles 2015 10This triple braid hairstyle may look complicated but this in particular is an easy one. All you need is a flower crown, some elastics, bobby pins and a hair spray. Full tutorial here.