Hair And Makeup Ideas For The New Year Party

The New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year. And so naturally, you will want to look your best. Try these gorgeous ideas for a stunning look at your New Year’s Eve celebration. Just your dress, shoes and accessories are never going to be enough. You have to give the same attention to hair and makeup as well. Try these ideas, and you will be ready to enjoy the fun, champagne, and the firework.

The Eyes

contrasting black liner

It’s a classic move that always works. You can easily make the color of your eyes stand out from far away by doing a tight, thin rim of contrasting black liner on both the top and bottom. And if you have decided to wear a metallic dress, then why don’t you highlight your face and eyes with similar tones?

Party Lines

party lines

The trick to creating a flattering side-part? Line it up with the outer corner of your eyebrow. This will give you a soft sweep that frames your face and brings out your cheekbones, no blush required. Seal it in place with a high shine gel.


natural lips

For a sparkly look that doesn’t read cheap, strike the right balance by a neutral eye shadow on your covers. You can later accentuate this with a dusting of gold around the eyes. You can finish with a pearly metallic rose lipstick. Less predictable yet generally as hot as red, a naked lip can warm up your skin with a candlelight sparkle. Look for a shade with a hint of peach and pink.

Alternatively, you can go for satin matte lips that are having a major moment right now. A moisturizing formula ensures the color won’t flake or fade past midnight.



The secret to making a complimenting side-part – Line it up with the external corner of your eyebrow. This gives you a delicate compass that edges your face and draws out your cheekbones. Matched with a strappy dress and dangling hoops, an approximately tousled French turn has its own charm. There is no need to look perfect. The less done it is, the more charming it looks.

Evoke Art-Deco Style

flapper girl curls

Flapper girl curls never looked so chic as right now. Luke Chamberlain, Nicole Richie’s hairstylist, set hair in waves using a 3/4 inch curling iron, spraying each section with hairspray for a strong hold. He then brushed out the curls into soft bends that pinned up the hair into a faux bob.



Do not pile on the blush to get that glowing skin. What you can do instead is simply dust on a soft champagne highlighter on the apples of your cheeks. That should be enough to highlight your cheeks. You can use lighter hues to truly highlight those cheekbones! You will look stunning on New Year’s Eve.

Before the ball drops and the year is over and out, there will be plenty of parties and revelry all around. Be sure to look your best for the event with these tips.