Grunge Fashion Outfit Ideas

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Grunge Fashion. We’ve seen it all over Tumblr, Pinterest, even Youtube, but do you know what it really means? Grunge fashion is said to originate from Seattle, Washington in 1992. It’s basically a style based around the grunge music scene. It’s known to be combined with the era of alternative rock bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam while wearing comfortable, dirty and is heavily steeped in flannel. When grunge fashion returned to the scene, it also brought back ripped and shredded clothing that was made popular during the 1980s. While grunge was a form of refusal of the commercial excesses of the 80s, the grunge style was quickly picked up by designers and turned it into a very popular fashion trend.

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Most grunge clothes can be found on thrift stores. So you might want to visit your local thrift store if you can’t afford paying for shredded clothes by famous brands.

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You’re going to need to look at pictures of famous grungers like Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain Chris Cornell, Juno (the movie starring Ellen Paige) and many more.

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The essential when it comes to the grunge fashion is to achieve an “unkempt look”. Wear clothes that don’t match. Grunge is all about showing off that thrift store vibe and layering.

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Some believes that to achieve the grunge look, you’ll also need to wear clothes that are kind of baggy on you and clothes that look a bit faded. Bright-colored clothing are a no-no when it comes to grunge fashion so it’s better to stick to black and neutral colors.

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The most popular grunge clothing item is a flannel shirt. You can wear it tucked, oversized or layered over a shirt. Choose a flannel shirt that has large plaids and not small ones. Wear these in muted and faded colors.

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Wear ripped denim – but it’s better if you make your own ripped jeans instead of buying them. It will look more “you” instead of paying for something that’s distressed and torn. These pair of jeans is quite the staple of the grunge style so you need that in your wardrobe when you want to try out this fashion style.

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You can also distress your denim shorts which are perfect for the summer.

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Also, “grandma dresses” are also allowed. These could be long or loose-fit dresses with florals. Also, short and baby doll are also alright but you need to wear it with ripped tights.

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Wear band shirts or statement/slogan tops like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pixies, Mudhoney and many others, but before buying these, you might want to actually listen to the bands you’re representing.

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For your shoes, worn-out high top tennis shoes or scuffed combat boots are great choices. Invest in a pair of Dr. Martens because it’s closely associated with grunge.

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Some people incorporate gothic fashion into grunge fashion and that’s totally no problem with it.

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