Girl’s Guide to Staying Stylish on a Budget

style tips 10You don’t really have to spend a lot of money just to look fashionable. There are so many cool pieces that will look incredibly stylish on you and you don’t even have to spend some money.

If you know that you can’t afford designer goods, your next best bet is to go vintage and thrift shopping because there are chances that you will hit the jackpot – getting unique finds, vintage designer pieces and many more.

Here are a couple of tips on how to stay trendy even on a tight budget.


style tips 1Trade clothes with your friends, especially if you guys have the same style. It’s a nice way to spice up your clothes. Just swap, borrow or raid your friend’s closet. Just make sure you return the favor.


style tips 2Reconstruct your clothing, you’ll be surprised by how many old clothes you have in your wardrobe. Recycle them and just remake them into new outfits.


Purchase items that are versatile. Versatility is key because as a person who’s tight on budget, you’re going to need to wear it more than just once for practicality. Don’t buy a dress that you will only be using once.


style tips 4Try going through your wardrobe right now and you will see a lot of abandoned clothes inside, some you forgot you have ever owned. So raid your closet for new finds.


style tips 5Don’t buy it just because it’s branded – buy it because it’s something you like, something you will wear. Don’t be lured to fancy brand names. Money won’t be worth it if you won’t even use it.


style tips 6Walk into the store then immediately head for the sale racks. You’re going to be getting some awesome deals on there.


style tips 7Like we said earlier, shop at thrift and vintage stores. Not all of thrift stores are smelly and has weird clothes. There are so many great finds there that we guarantee will be your next favorite pieces.


style tips 8When shopping online, always search for discount and coupon codes to save a couple of bucks.