Gift Shopping Guide: Choosing a Ladies Watch

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When was gift shopping ever easy? It’s a challenging task.

Choosing the right watch requires the gift giver to know a couple of things about the person he will be giving the watch to.

He should be aware of where the woman in question plans to wear it and should also have some ideas on the colors the recipient usually wears.

Here are several tips on how to succeed in purchasing a watch for your lady friend, girlfriend and relatives.


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The watch should match the style of the watch to the setting. For example, for everyday wear or offices with a casual dress code, you should pick a watch that has a large watchcase and leather band.


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For formal events or offices with formal dress codes, choose a watch that has gemstones and a metal band, but it’s also alright if it’s made of fine leather also. It can also be for those women who are stylish.


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For sporty women, choose a watch with digital interface, GPS, made of rubber band and many more features that will totally be helpful and fit for her lifestyle.


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Match the color of the watch to physical characteristics and wardrobe of the recipient.


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Consider large watchcases and wide bands for taller women, while smaller watchcases and thinner bands will look great on petite women.


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Research brands before purchasing anything, especially if you want something on the pricey side. There are so many brands that produce high quality timepieces.


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Get her a watch with interchangeable bands because it provides versatility and style. Many ladies’ prefer a watchcase that would fit different types of bands of different occasions.


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Even when the watch will come with their own watch box, add a separate watch box, just to give the gift a more thoughtful touch.