Fun Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Work

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I think we can all agree that Mondays are the worst. I mean, who wants to get up, get dressed and become productive after just 2 days of rest (or hangovers). But besides that, one of the other things we look forward to on weekdays (except the salary) is to play with fashion and take our own personal style to work.

Here are ten look inspirations you get to rock for the entire week.

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The easiest way to dress for office, without looking boring is to incorporate a statement piece into your look.

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It always adds up and will make you look more fun. We’re pretty sure you have a lot of them around your room. It could be a pair of shoes, jewelry, bag, watch, your lipstick, your nails.

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The casual business look is actually pretty versatile. If you can get away with wearing jeans, pair it with high heels and a very feminine or smart top. Also, add a professional-looking bag and don’t forget your accessories. Those vary depending on your job.

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The casual chic look is for those who are not exactly fashion forward yet lie they don’t give a crap about how they look but the outfit can pass as street-style worthy.

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To rock this look, all you have to do is mix different items, shapes and looks. For your footwear, it’s best to wear heels although oxfords or brogues can work as well.

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Look fab and glam at the office by wearing sky high heels, bright lipstick and an outfit that will pass as work attire up to cocktail hour. The tips is to wear stunning high heels, expensive perfume, rich fabrics, pencil skirts, long trousers, golden necklace, branded watches, silky blouses, big bags or clutches. This is for those who are not afraid to flaunt what they have.

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If you want to look sophisticated, the trick it to wear at least one fashion piece then clash styles by using a classy look base and incorporating items that adds to your personality and job.

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Rock it with super sexy heels, jewelries, sporty sweaters paired with pencil skirts, hats, leather, sheer, prints, denim and a lot more. Mix and match them and just them work for you.

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If you’re the kind of woman who likes flirty dresses, flowy skirts, a bit of jewelry, then you might want to look simple and feminine with knee-length skirts or dresses, over the knee dress or skirts in different colors, prints and styles paired with smart blazer. Also, ballet flats are your best friends when you want to rock a look like this.

business casual outfit ideas 10

Edgy and bold looks are not for the weak. You can always add a bit of edge into your look and get away with it. If you work for a creative job, then this look is for you. Mix and match simple and statement pieces like boots, tees, dark lips, sneakers, leather and many more.