Fun Braids for Bad Hair Days

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We’ve had good hair days and bad hair days. If you’re up for styling your bad hair day, check out our easy ways to braid your hair list.

easy and cute braid ideas 1 Photo from Twist Me Pretty

This braid is such a cute and flirty hairstyle. Start with a French braided fishtail on the side near your ears then alternate brain when you get to the nape of your neck and leave out the front section.

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Photo from Fashion-Kid

Here’s a braided crown look – perfect for medium-length to long hair. You can create it with regular braids or French braids. Part your hair into two as if making pigtails. Braid both sections and secure with elastics. Pull one braid up to your head and secure it with a bobby pin and do for one as well, don’t overlap the two, you can place the second one behind the first.

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Photo from Twist Me Pretty

Here’s a great style if you want to add some volume into your hair. Tease the roots and gather a heavy section in the front portion then braid it, but don’t braid it until the end. Tie if off with an elastic.

easy and cute braid ideas 4 Photo from Babble

To achieve this braided halo hair, separate the upper portion of your hair from temples to crown and clip it on top of your head. Then take a small section of hair from each temple and make a French braid working back toward your crown. Secure both braids then unclip the hair that was clipped at your crown. Tease it a bit to add more volume then smooth it with a paddle brush then anchor the braids at the bottom of the teased portion with bobby pins.

easy and cute braid ideas 5 Photos from Hairstyles Weekly

Here’s an easy and fast hairstyle to keep your bangs out of your face. Start with a Dutch braid – strands go under the middle section instead of over like in a regular French braid. Once you’re around your forehead and your bangs are in the bag, stop adding section to the bottom of the strand. Angle your braid into the direction it will be going when finished- which is around the back of your ears. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray.

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A waterfall braid can get the hair mostly out of your face. You can have your hair clean or dirty and yet it still works. Gather a two-inch section of hair around your head, near the center part then make a regular braid with it. Take a strand of hair from the top of your head then mix it into the braid. Then bring it all the way through and let it hang down. Get another strand from the braid it’s going to go on top then hold it in place. Keep grabbing from the top and bring that to hang down then continue the braid grab hair from below the braid and add that to the braid to replace what you dropped. You can know more about it here

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Pull it back in a pony then before going that, part two sections in the front and do a regular braid then secure it with your ponytail. Super easy.

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To achieve an elegant hairstyle, pull your hair up in a pony and leave out two section of hair that’s under your ears near your nape. Braid and loosen them then tie with an elastic. Release the ponytail then roll the hair under, securing with bobby pins. Wrap the braid around the roll then you’re done.

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If you think you’re curly/wavy hair is a little boring at the moment, try out this hair band braid.

easy and cute braid ideas 10 Photo from Missy Sue

Look how fun and carefree this hairstyle is. It’s like a school girl hairstyle. Do Dutch braids in two braids and just tie them at the bottom. Pull the sections to loosen the braid a bit.