Fun and Stylish Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Still don’t know what to wear? If you’re not into decaying humans, killer clowns and other gruesome costumes, here are a few halloween-inspired outfit ideas that don’t include fake blood and liquid latex.

halloween outfit ideas 1

Who wouldn’t forget about Wednesday Addams? Her black ensemble and famous Peter Pan collar made her a fashion icon for modern women.

To achieve the Wednesday Addams look, use the palest foundation available. Apply foundation on your entire face including your lips then set it with a powder. Apply black eyeliner and smudge it to create a smokey look. Section your hair into two and braid them for the signature Wednesday Addams hair.

Don’t forget to carry a ragdoll with you to complete Wednesday look.

halloween outfit ideas 2

Don’t forget Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams. Apply a pale foundation, create a sexy smokey eye and don’t forget Morticia’s blood-red signature lipstick. Contour your cheeks and jaw line. Her hair is parted at the center—it is always straight and almost covers her entire cheeks.

Morticia’s dress accentuates her curves and has added laces that flow to the ground. Add black stilettos to get the entire look.

halloween outfit ideas 3

If you want to be the Little Mermaid but doesn’t want to wear a fish tail and a seashell bra, you can be the human version of Ariel.

If you don’t have the exact Ariel dress, find a sky blue long-sleeved dress and add a black spaghetti strap top.

This is perfect for girls with red hair. Add a big blue bow at the back. You can wear flesh-colored sandals if you don’t want to walk around barefoot.

halloween outfit ideas 5

Who says women can’t be pirates? You can be one for Halloween with only basic pieces needed—a white three-fourths shirt, a black vest, a big black or brown belt, dark denim jeans and knee-high black or dark brown leather boots. Finish it off with gold or silver bangles, beaded accessories and a bandana. Plus points for the pirate hat and eye patch.

halloween outfit ideas 6

Feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Mary Poppins wasn’t just a nanny, a singer and a dancer—she was a fashion icon from the 70s. Consider her style vintage. Women of today’s generation still take inspiration from Mary. What made her stand out were her personal touches in every single one of her outfit.

halloween outfit ideas 7

Another vintage icon is Wonder Woman. All you need is a red top, blue flowing skirt (with stars) and gold staple pieces like a gold necklace, gold belt and gold pumps. If you’re not a fan of gold, use bronze. Style your hair by teasing the crown portion for volume.

halloween outfit ideas 8

Cruella de Vil is evil but we can’t hate her for her style. The 101 Dalmatians star’s signature colors are black, white and red. Important pieces to become Cruella are to have a big black, white or black and white fur coat and a polka dot top or bottom.

Her lips are a dark wine red and she always wears hand gloves. Cruella’s hair is part white and part black. To get the white, use a temporary white hair spray. If you can’t get a hold of the spray, place a white furry and feathery cocktail hot at the side of your head.

halloween outfit ideas 9

Since Miranda Kerr, there have been a number of people becoming a circus ringmaster. A black and red stripe piece or just a solid red blazer is essential to the outfit. Under the blazer is a white button down shirt and a pair of black shorts. Add black fishnet stockings over sheer black stockings, knee-high leather boots and a magician’s hat for the finished look. A black cane or a hoola-hoop is optional.

halloween outfit ideas 10

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, another Game of Thrones character, is one of the most strongest and magical characters of the series. She also has an amazing fashion sense.

Become the Queen of Dragons by wearing a light blue maxi dress that has a simple yet detailed portion.  If you have platinum blonde hair or own a platinum blonde wig, this look would suit you immediately. No need for people stopping you on the street, asking what you are supposed to be. After all, everybody knows who Daenerys Targaryen is.

halloween outfit ideas 11

If you’re not feeling the girly-vibe, you can be a classic Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock is known for wearing wool trench coats, scarves, a deerstalker and a pipe.

To get the Sherlock Holmes look, wear vintage-patterned pieces and neutral colors like gray, olive, brown and dark white. Instead of wearing oxford shoes, you can wear your favorite stiletto heels.

halloween outfit ideas 12

We were all shocked about Amy Winehouse sudden death. With her big and teased jet black hair, sexy and cat-eye lined eyes and her classic style, she truly has become one of the world’s biggest fashion influences.

In one of her interviews, she stated that she “dresses like an old Jewish black man, like it’s still the 50s”. To become Amy Winehouse for Halloween, watch makeup and hair tutorials of her online and wear dresses and pieces that are vintage-looking. It’s important to put a lot of emphasis on your hair because Amy’s hair was big and all out.

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