Fresh Style Upgrades for Men

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Do you want to be remembered as the worst dressed person at work? Don’t fret, because we have style upgrade tips for you to revamp up your whole new look, not only for work, but for special occasions as well.


Slim-fit is always best

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It’s all in the magic of tailored clothes. Wearing a slim-fitting shirt or pants that is tailored to your body shape upgrades your overall appearance instantly.


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Don’t worry about not being in great shape but the trick is to go for one or two sizes up since it will surely fit you properly, except when you’re buying a suit. You need the right fit for a suit.

Upgrade your outfit with a blazer 

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Look casual and smart by adding a sharply-cut blazer. Compared to other outerwear options like a denim jacket, hoodies or bomber jackets, blazers will give your look the definition of smart, making it a great business casual look.


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It adds an outstanding sophistication to your attire, regardless of the time of the day or event. You can wear it with slim jeans and any basic tee and you’ll instantly notice how you can flawlessly elevate your look into a new trendy level.


Focus on color schemes


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For corporate looks, it’s always white or blue dress shirt paired with khaki trousers as the safest bets. But it’s so common out there. So why not change it out a bit? You can ditch those by wearing pastel colors instead of your usual white. Light shades can easily look good with a lot of trousers, blazers and jackets. You can even experiment with a patterned or striped-shirt.


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When it comes to khaki trousers, don’t just choose the lighter shades. Choose the darker shades of khaki like deep brown or olive to replace your standard khakis. You can even wear a charcoal gray wool to achieve a dressy look.


Accessorize with a scarf


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A scarf will instantly compliment your look. It’s the easiest way of adding flair to your look.


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Want to make a bold statement? Scarf is the way to go. There are so many scarves to choose from – expensive cashmere and silk to polyester and cotton, this can emphasize fashionable outfits.


Add your own touch of accessories


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You should invest in a couple of quality accessories like a vintage watch, high-end sunglasses, monogrammed cuff links, even silk pocket squares.


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But these are still so many to choose from. Accessories can make you look more pulled together. Besides, it will get you noticed for the right reasons and will surely make lasting statements.