French Fashion Secrets All Women Need to Steal

french woman 12Everybody seems to be obsessed with everything French but you need to admit that French women are extremely fascinating. Also, don’t we know for a fact that French do everything better?

We always wondered how they manage to look exceptionally chic while riding the train. How do these Parisian “it” girls do it?

Here are some of French’s fashion tips that we need to steal right now so we can have a Parisian-inspired wardrobe as well.

If you are serious about incorporating French fashion into your look, you gotta believe that less is definitely more.


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Develop your own signature look and steer clear from major fashion trends. Buy your clothes that will make you feel pretty, something that will flatter you. Caring about what’s the latest trend shouldn’t be the top thing on your mind. Parisian fashionistas develop their signature look and they stick with it. Some might incorporate a couple of new trends into their wardrobe but they always tend to stick to the same aesthetic.


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No need to flash your designer items because they don’t really care about it. Although Louis Vuitton is French brand, you don’t see women add huge Louis Vuitton logo print bags into their everyday ensemble. Instead, they carry bags with small logos (or none). If you’re in Paris and shopping at Louis Vuitton, then they would know that you’re a tourist.


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Invest in a versatile trench coat that you can wear on weekends with jeans, over gowns to formal events, layered with fur or over your shoulders on warm days. Your trench coat should match whatever you’re going to wear for the day.


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French women stick to the neutral palette – burgundy, black, white, gray, brown and navy. They don’t like to wear a lot of colors and if they do wear it, you’ll see it in their accessories such as bags, shoes or scarves. Black is one color the French really love. Next one is gray.


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Regardless of trends, it’s all about the fit of their clothes. French women wear clothes that flatter their bodies. Make sure you choose clothes that fit you well and then find a great tailor to make sure that everything inside your wardrobe fits to a T.


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They don’t wear too many accessories. Like Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house and look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”


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French women don’t wear towering, sky-high heels to look sexy. It’s not sexy or attractive for them. They wouldn’t want to be caught dead in items that she isn’t comfortable in. you can see them in ballet flats, short and tall boots and high heels with 3 inches or lower.


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Speaking of shoes, you should have a signature pair of shoes. “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”


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For the evening, wear a menswear inspired tuxedo. It’s a style that has been in fashion for a long time now. Instead of a gown, swap it for a tuxedo. Not only is it sexy and sleek, you will also stand out in a crowd of OTT eveningwear.


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French women understand that going out means having to dress up. Although they don’t wear heels and LBDs every day, they also don’t get out of the house wearing sweatpants and the popular UGGS – no matter how expensive they are. They believe that there are such things as “home clothes”, “work clothes”, “party clothes” and so on.