Formal Party Outfits for Winter

Whether it’d be a formal party, a ballet show, a charity event or anything just formal, you must dress up for the occasion.

formal party outfit ideas winter 2

Going to a winter wedding? Read the invitation to know what type of attire you should be wearing – also mind the venue and the time of the wedding.

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Weddings after 5 o’clock are considered to be a formal wedding. That means you should wear dark dresses like mauve, bold green or dark blue.

There is a rule that you shouldn’t wear colorful dresses and plain white dresses to winter weddings. These colorful dresses include neons and corals.

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For white tie events in the winter, it’s always advisable to wear floor-length gowns. Black isn’t always required when it comes to events like these, but black is very classic and sophisticated. Other colors that will work are deep reds like burgundy, bold greens, royal blues and purples.

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For your accessories, choose only one piece that you’ll want to standout. It could be a necklace with bold earrings, or a bold necklace with a simple bracelet. There’s no need for you to let all pieces standout because it will just be tacky and you will look like you tried so hard enough to fit in.

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You can use a small purse or a clutch bag when it comes to formal events like these. Join the crowd with grace and elegance. Not to mention, appropriate.

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For black tie events, think of “semi-formal”. Go for an elegant party dress with stylish accessories.

formal party outfit ideas winter 8

You can always go for the classic little black dress when you’re in such a rush. LBD is a semi-formal staple.

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You can also opt for floor-length evening gowns in sophisticated color.

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Don’t know what to wear to what people deem as a “special occasion”? The answer is simply to “dress up”. Know where the venue is and the time you’re requested to arrive so you could figure out what to wear for the occasion.

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If you don’t have the time to look for a dress for any type of event, don’t just leave it “to be” and allow yourself to look plain and effortless.

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If you accept a party invite, whether it’d be a theme party, it’s always appropriate to dress the part.

Ask some of your friends who are attending so you know what they’re wearing.

You should respect the event by arriving on time, dressing with the right theme and whatever that makes you feel confident and beautiful – just don’t forget to continue to be appropriate.

Socialize, have fun and flash that beautiful smile of yours.