Formal Dress Clothes Ideas for Men

Want to feel like James Bond even for just a couple of hours? All you need is a great pair of tux or suit. But there are rules on how and what to wear for certain types of formal events. Yes, they have evolved over time but by sticking to the rules will surely make all the difference.

Understand the terminology of dress code to meet the demands of the hosts and guests of a formal event.

When the others all look the same, from afar you’ll notice that there are some who dressed properly and some who hasn’t. It’s all about dressing according to the dress code instead of making a big fashion forward statement.

You’ll still look dapper and will surely stand out if you follow these formal dress clothes outfit ideas we’ve come up just for you.

formal dress clothes for men 4

A black tuxedo jacket with matching tux pants is such a necessity inside your wardrobe. It’s your go-to when it comes to black tie events. If the invite stated “Black Tie” or “Black Tie required” as dress code, wear a proper black tie. While for a white tie affair, you would want to substitute the traditional suit style, black tuxedo jacket and go for a black tailcoat with white accessories.

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A bow tie will match with a flat winged collar while a straight tie will look great with a flatter version.

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Attending a formal wedding? You might want to skip the crazy colors with weird patterns and go for a modern approach – like a straight tie. You could only wear something with color IF you’re a groomsman and the couple wants you to match the wedding theme color and coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses.

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For a summer outdoor wedding look, you could wear a gray suit, unless the couple would require you to wear black tie or a tuxedo.

formal dress clothes for men 3

A blue suit that would look absolutely stunning for a formal afternoon affairs.

formal dress clothes for men 2

Men will look d dashing with dark-colored suits or tux. Invest in a good pair and if they’re a bit weird-looking when you wear them, go to the tailor’s and have them fixed.

formal dress clothes for men 10

In lieu of tux, you could wear a black or dark gray suit to a formal event. You just need to make sure to read the dress code required for the event.

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Dress up your ensemble with a great pair of dress shoes and cuff links.

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If the invite says “Black Tie Preferred” or “Black Tie Requested”, it’s because the hosts want a very formal party but doesn’t want to exclude guests that couldn’t afford a tux. You can wear a dark suit and tie for this event.

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A “Black Tie Optional” dress code means you could wear a tux but they don’t insist you to wear it. This dress code actually is the formal equivalent of “business casual”.formal dress clothes for men 9