For Shorter Women: Easy Tricks to Dress Taller

how to look taller 9Here are some easy tricks on how to look taller.


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When choosing the right skirt, for short women, midi style isn’t for you. If you go short, go short without getting charged with public crudeness. If you go long, then go floor-length kind-of-long. Your no goes are ankle-length or awkward midis.


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If you’re going to wear a long-sleeved top or if you have a too-long cuff, expose some wrist and forearm. Who thinks that flopping fabric is attractive? Clearly, no one.


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Sometimes, you need to let people look up instead of look down. How about choosing a top that exposes some skin – instead of adding an eye-catching belt? With a slightly sexy top, you are gazing people upward instead of people noticing you’re not taller than 5’5”.


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Maybe your shoe vamps are too high. Shoes with high-cut vamps will hide the front of the foot will shorten the leg line. Choose a pair of shoes with skin-baring style instead.


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“Culottes will make you even shorter.” THIS IS WRONG. Don’t give up on your culottes. Make sure that your trousers cover your heels without it dragging to the ground.


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If you’re a little short than most women, your bag should also be small. Forget about those large tote bags. They will only make you shorter. Instead, choose a petite handbag or a small bucket bag that will look great next to your frame.


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Sometimes, your hair will also make you shorter and you didn’t even know it. Show more skin with an up-do or a short cut that will draw attention to your neck. Too much hair on a short woman is distracting.