Flare Pants for Your Body Type

There are people who still feel that you must avoid flared jeans, boot-cuts, and boyfriend jeans, or pretty much anything besides skinny jeans. However, after several seasons of skintight pants, some designers expanded their offerings with trousers cut more generously at the hems. The ’70s styles are continuing to make a huge comeback, including the incredibly flattering wide legged or flare pants.

Flare pants are cool, feminine and chic. They look classy and elegant. They accentuate a curvy feminine shape perfectly and even make your legs appear longer and leaner.

These pants are truly for everyone – for every body shape. Here are some tips on wearing flare pants and the styles that are perfect for your body shape.

flare pants

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For Your Height

Never wear too short or too long flare pants. The hem should skim the ground but not sweep it, so take a pair of shoes when you go shopping. You can then work out the right length for your height.

Balance It

printed flare pants

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Pay attention to the width, because these pants are bulkier. Have one flowing element, while the rest of the outfit is more fitted. A close-fitted and lightweight satin or silk blouse will make you look sophisticated. Want a sexier look? Keep a tight tee or sweater tucked in your pants and smartly belted.

Wear With High Heels

Flare pants are designed to be worn with high shoes. Heeled shoes and boots, platform shoes and boots, lug-soled boots and shoes, any shoes or boots with chunky heels, sneakers, and wedge heels look good with flare pants.

flare pants with high heels

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Flare Pant Styles Best for Your Body Type

Pear Shapes – Stay away from pants that pleat or gather at the waist and be careful of pocket placement. Avoid flap pockets or pockets that have a lot of embellishment. The idea of flare pants for pear shapes is to slim the hips down. Wear flare pants that taper in at the knee and slightly flare out from knee to the hem.

Apple Shapes – Since this body type is “top heavy”, your pants should create a more balanced look by filling out the lower half. Women with this shape normally have great legs and hips so they can pull off a hip-hugging jean that will emphasize their curves. Try wide leg, bell bottom, or palazzo pants to give a more proportional look.

palazzo pants

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Round Shapes – Pants with a straight classic cut are good, and just like those with pear shapes, women with round shapes should wear pants that balance the upper and lower part of the body. Bootcut and trouser pants are perfect for this shape. Look for pants that are mid-rise. You want the waist to hit across the belly, not below or above it, to make your upper torso look longer.

bootcut pants

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Rectangle Shapes – Woman with this shape is free to wear any style of flare pants with details or the simple ones.

bell bottom
Hourglass Shapes – Ring in the bell bottoms. Your figure was especially made for this cut, since you’ve got the curves on top to even out the flare on the bottom. Just make sure you choose a pair that cinches at the waist.

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