Five Relaxing Ways to Spend Your Summer Holidays

The summer months are associated with long evenings, lazy sun-lounging days, and adventurous trips abroad. They’re also a time where the weather is accommodating to a number of relaxing activities, and those memories of long winters past melt away into the glowing hot present. While summer can be about adventure, passion and energy, this article is concerned with the ways in which you can spend your holidays relaxing and recharging – boosting your energy levels in the bliss that combines your time off with the deliciously pleasant summer sun.

Charter a Boat

Though the summer sun is one of the principal things we think about in the months between May and September, it’s also the sea and the sand that we crave in the year’s warmest months. And what better way can there be to enjoy the joys of the sea than on your very own chartered boat?

If you’ve got the time and the cash to invest into such a relaxing and blissful trip you can start thinking about the coastline you’re excited to explore. The Mediterranean will take you past Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Venice – some of the classiest, most laid-back and relaxing destinations in the world of luxury trips. It’s a great place to start planning your relaxing boating holiday.

Finding a Beach Villa

There are villas and there are villas – but by far the most relaxing are those that afford you and your family, partner or friends a generous chunk of private beach in a delicious slice of paradise. The privacy and isolation are what really contribute to that feel-good, relaxing feeling on these holidays.

Amongst the islands off the coast of Europe, Lanzarote is one of your best bests for finding that idyllic relaxation spot of your dreams. Lanzarote Holidays are as unique as they are delightfully low-energy: the beaches are a mix of yellow and black sand – the latter derived from volcanic rock. Quirky and isolated, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a beach villa.

Time in the Woods

Some might argue that spring is the best month to spend ensconced within the trees, but it’s in summer that a forest or woodland area is at its most breathtakingly awesome. With the canopy keeping cool air – perfectly cool, that is – pinned next to your skin, and the sweet smell of foliage in your nostrils, summer within dense nature will take you right back to your primal roots.

You can experience this kind of holiday during the summer in a number of ways. You may choose to camp – making yourself a home away from home in lush green surrounds, with certain creature comforts removed so that you can reach a ‘zen’ state of mind. Alternatively, lodges or cabins in the woods offer that bit more comfort without taking you out of nature entirely.

Earning a New Skill

Not everyone has the luxury of long periods of time to spend on summer holidays. Instead, happily, there are plenty of other activities that individuals can undertake in the summer time in order to channel a relaxed and wholesome feeling. One of those is to learn a new skill – and with longer days and more comfortable weather, summer is the perfect time to give a new skill a go.

One tip here is to learn a creative skill – like sculpting, painting or drawing. In this way, you can immerse yourself in outdoors landscapes in order to slowly develop your eye and your technique. Elsewhere, you might learn to sail in order to ready yourself for future holidays, or learn to garden, so that you can grow your own vegetables before the winter months once more roll in.

Hosting Parties

Parties – relaxing? You’re right, they don’t go together fabulously, but the truth is that with the right guest list – not too big, and only those you really care about – a party can be just the tonic you were looking for on a warm summer’s evening. Organize one with your spouse, your family or your close-knit friendship group in order to enjoy the company of loved ones in the place you’re most comfortable.

The summer opens up your outdoor space for socializing, which means you can pull out all the stops to make your home the relaxing party haven that it deserves to be. String lights, low music, fresh, cold drinks and excellent barbecued food are a great place from which to start.

Five top tips, five different activities: with luck, you’ll be able to enjoy at least one of the options provided above as summer 2019 draws increasingly near.

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