Fitted Clothes for Men

We’ve moved on from that fashion rebellion in the 90s where loose fit clothing was what every guy wore. Originally, hip hop trendsetters copied this style from prisoners because they weren’t allowed to wear belts, making their pants fall lower than their waist.

Although there are still some men that genuinely continue to dress this long-time-gone trend (like a prisoner) and we’re not sure why. Of course, people in the hip hop industry still brag about their designer sagging trousers and oversized shirts.

To be quite honest, we think that this will never be a fashion option ever again. Wearing loose clothes give out a negative vibe towards others. It makes the person look sloppy and too relaxed.

Nobody wants to see a person’s shorts reaching their ankles, pants that hang so low you could see their underwear, maybe they could even fit a little kid inside, or a massive shirt that would seem like a man-dress.

fitted clothes for men 6

These days, men are into fitted clothes. Not extremely tight, though. The length of your shirt should be long enough for you to be comfy enough to be wearing either untucked or tucked.

fitted clothes for men 8

Finding the right fit dress shirt, you should be aware of the seam where the sleeve attaches to the body of a fitted dress shirt hitting at the top of your shoulders. The collar should just be a few inches from the buttonhole to button when laid flat.

fitted clothes for men 9

Your shirt should fit comfortable around your chest, armpits and back – not giving you any difficulty when moving. The arm hole should be fit enough for you to slip in and out.

fitted clothes for men 4

Around the waist, follow the contours of your body. Your sleeves should follow the shape of your arms without any extra fabric. The cuff should fall around the base of your thumb when buttoned or cuffed.

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What you wear affects how you show and feel about yourself. Wearing loose fit clothes will give out a lazy and untrustworthy (when in the office) vibe in the office. It makes you look more relaxed and keeps hiding your form (if you have a fit body).

fitted clothes for men 1

Wearing saggy clothes will make you look less confident than how you are. This will eventually lead to you getting affected by it.

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But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be wearing fitted clothes – like super slim fit that you can’t breathe. Instead, wear something that will make you feel comfortable breathing, moving without feeling extremely comfortable like wearing loose clothes.

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When buying pants, walk around the store to see if it’s comfortable. Then place your phone and pocket inside the pockets if you have space for them. Also, try sitting down and see if the pants would tear in the middle.

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For a polished look, find pants that fit loosely around your legs and then slightly tapered around the end. It looks more illustrious and will make you look taller.

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It’s important that you know your body type and not go overboard when looking for the perfect style that will suit you.