Finding the Right Size for Your Wedding Dress

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Now that you have knowledge all about the different styles of wedding gowns, we’re going to talk about sizing. Sizes can be very tricky with different wedding dress makes has their own sizing chart. When you find something that you like, you need to find the perfect fit by measuring it properly with a vinyl measuring tape by a tailor at the bridal store.

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When you have your measurements taken, check the sizes again on the wedding dress online website’s sizing chart and choose a dress that matches your largest measurements.

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Don’t worry if the wedding dress size is a bit different than what you wear to your everyday ready-to-wear outfit.

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It’s always common for these dress sizes to be at least a couple sizes larger than what you’re used to wearing.

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If you’re going to plan on losing weight for the wedding day, you need to be realistic about your size for the wedding. It’s always better to have it made larger because it’s always easy to make it smaller and quite impossible to make it bigger.

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Besides, you need the added stress of trying to get those last few pounds off just before the wedding day?

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There will always be alterations when it comes to wedding dresses. The sizing and fitting normally takes up to six weeks or even longer if your gown is custom-made, so it’s better if you don’t choose a wedding dress the last minute.

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Also, please don’t forget about the undergarments and shoes you plan on wearing to the wedding so that the tailor can get you accurate measurements as well.

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Looking for the perfect wedding dress is one of the million decisions you’ll make when it comes to wedding planning. It’s the most important decision that will ultimately determine how you are going to feel on your wedding day.

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Choose a dress that will fit you properly, nothing too tight, and nothing too loose.

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Just something that will accentuate your curves and make you feels like you’re the most beautiful bride in the entire world.