Finding the Right Pencil Skirt and Outfit Ideas

Pencil skirts are so feminine. They will make any outfit look polished, professional-looking and still flirty. This classic skirt works for all shapes and sizes and when you pair it with the right blouse and accessories, you will surely look extremely stylish.

From the office to the party, there are so many ways how a pencil skirt can be styled. If you’re new to pencil skirts and wondering what you have to wear with it, here are some fashionable ways to wear your pencil skirt.


Shirt, Pencil skirt, sling pumps

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1When it comes to pencil skirts, two important details that you need to pay attention to is the fit and length. It’s always flattering to have the hem ends around the knees. One simple way of wearing your pencil skirt is by pairing it with a striped blouse and sling pumps.


Off shoulder top, wrap front pencil skirt

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Step out in an elegant white top and wrap-front pencil skirt outfit. The pencil skirt should be fitted around the waist and skim over the hips. Choosing the right length and fit will easily show off your natural curves that would be easy for you to sit down and move in.


Navy blue shirt, suede pencil skirt, clutch, mules

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Here’s a stylish outfit to wear to the office. Having the right fit of pencil skirt without having to fuss at the office is what you really need to work on since what you need to focus on in is the work that’s right in front of you.


Cable knit camel crop sweater, white pencil skirt, black pumps

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Make everyone look at you by wearing a bold white pencil skirt then paired with an updated cable knit camel crop sweater. Finish the look by adding a touch of modern black pumps.


High-waist pencil skirt, bell sleeve shirt, high heels

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Pair your printed skirt with an edgy top to create a great way of making your favorite workwear look more youthful.


Suede boots, pencil skirt, sheer stockings, sweater top

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1This flattering skirt can be worn with absolutely any top but one thing you need to keep is the balance and proportions of your outfit without looking weird. Wear your pencil skirt with a sweater top, suede boots and sheer stockings.


Striped blouse, red pencil skirt, wedges

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Reach for your red pencil skirt and a plain or neutral-colored top to keep the rest of your look subdued. You can also pair you bright, bold pencil skirt with neutrals or a really simple color.


Grey dotted blouse, dotted pencil skirt, strappy heeled sandals

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Look for a skirt that has wonderful details or a bit of character then create a nice, contrasting outfit with a grey dotted blouse, dotted pencil skirt and strappy heeled sandals.


Velvet coat, turtleneck top, pencil skirt, high heels

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Pencil skirts can effortlessly paired with a feminine blouse or a masculine shirt. It just depends on your style and the skirt itself.


Coat jacket, crop top, pencil skirt, high heels

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1If you want to steer away the attention on your waist or hips, a pencil skirt is something you definitely wearing. For chilly days, pair your crop jacket with a cute crop top and pencil skirt.


Faux leather jacket, black sweater, pencil skirt, lace up heels

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1When combining two pieces like this, make sure that they would look great together when worn to avoid looking too busy. You can even wear a masculine shirt under this faux leather jacket.


Burgundy pencil skirt, black chunky heels, black faux leather jacket

pencil-skirt-outfit-ideas-1Pair a printed loose-fit top that can be worn atop your burgundy pencil skirt. Style it with black faux leather jacket and black chunky heels.

How are you going to style your favorite pencil skirt?


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