Finals Week Outfit Ideas

finals week outfit ideas 11Finals week is that entire week you feel all horrible things like stress, burden and anxiety. We’re pretty sure you don’t even care if you head to school wearing your favorite Uggs and sweatpants and comfortable sweaters. But here’s the thing – you don’t want to head to school looking like that. Just because you’re mostly tearing yourself apart from studying until morning, you still need to look presentable and cute, especially when everybody is practically stressing out. It’s basically your time to look nice when all looks like crap. Anyways, you’re still going to be comfortable yet stylish with our outfit ideas for finals week. Take a look.


finals week outfit ideas 1The things is – if you look great, you will feel great. And if you will feel great, you will do better on your exams. So instead of slipping into the coziest sweats you own, start wearing cute outfits.


finals week outfit ideas 2First of all, don’t go to school wearing pajamas or sweatpants. For the love of God, wear jeggings instead. They’re just like jeans only comfier and is pretty snug. They’re the next best thing after sweatpants, believe us.


finals week outfit ideas 3When you’re in a hurry, basic t-shirts or tank tops layered with cute cardigans or cool jackets is the best way to look good. They’re actually really stylish. Then when you’re just about to run out of your room, grab a couple of accessories lying around your dresser.


finals week outfit ideas 4It would be best to have that one single pair of shoe which could match anything you wear perfectly. Decide on what pair is that and simply have it prepared.


finals week outfit ideas 5Colorful and girly dresses are super stylish. Go for cute, flowy ones which you can wear with skinny jeans, a cardigan, cute flats or even a scarf.


finals week outfit ideas 6When it comes to your hair and makeup, just keep it natural and simple. Obviously you wouldn’t have time to perfect your winged liner and do an elaborate smokey eye.


finals week outfit ideas 7When you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup, the important things you need to focus on is your face (use a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer), your brows (it’s the frame of your face, so have some time to fix it), your lips and cheeks (you can use your lipstick for both of those areas) for some added color since you will probably look pale and of course, your lashes since if you apply mascara on your lashes, they will instantly look more awake.


finals week outfit ideas 8For your hair, you can put it in a braid while you’re on your way to school. You can have a couple more minutes to fix your hair when you’re on your ride to school unless you’re the one driving.


finals week outfit ideas 9What you wear to your finals isn’t really important. You don’t need to stress about it or anything. All you need is to get into that room and have a positive attitude.


finals week outfit ideas 10You can do it! Good luck!