Female Superhero Costumes to Wear this Halloween

superhero costume halloween women 12If you want to be a female super hero this Halloween, we have scouted some of the best and well-known superhero characters to give you an idea on what and who you should be for the costume party.


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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is the female equivalent of Thor (and sometimes, her correlations comes with superman). If you’re going to be WW for Halloween, be sure to have the “Lasso of Truth”, a pair of “indestructible” bracelets and a tiara, just to give the whole Wonder Woman effect.


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The original might be a man, but that shouldn’t stop you from being Spiderwoman. Everybody knows Spiderman and everybody would love to see you in a catsuit, especially if you have a body to flaunt.


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Captain America
Another man character, Captain America has almost every super power we all wanted in our lives (except invisibility) – strength, speed, endurance and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed. Captain America is the Super-Soldier and if you want to give the tough and independent and a strong woman vibe, you got to try out this white, blue and red costume.


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Green Lantern
Sport a Green Lantern costume. He may not be that popular like the superheroes mentioned above but Green Lantern is a great character. His power ring gives him all of his abilities. It is limited to the imagination in that is a weapon of the mind and powered by will. How cool is that? He may be a guy character but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing this costume.


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Iron Lady
Tony Stark – you be Tonie Stark. Iron Man needs no introductions. Be arrogant and boastful in a good way with this Iron Lady costume.


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Haute Hero
Not sure who she is but the gold and black (and a hint of red) costume is super aggressive and racy, in a good way.


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If your friend is going as Batwoman, go as Robyn.


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Silk Spectre
Silk Spectre is from Watchmen. She first appeared at DC Spotlight #1. Her powers include agility, intellect, stamina, unarmed combat and “attractiveness”. According to comicvine. The costume is sexy and feisty and if you are both of those characteristics, then this costume is for you.


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The Flash
Everyone should know who The Flash is right now, especially now that there’s a TV series about him. The Flash can move, think and react at light. He has super speed and has lots of abilities that makes him a great modern superhero. The Flash is another man character but go ahead and prove to everyone that you can be as strong and tough as a guy.


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Catwoman is super sexy, super feisty with grace and elegance. The shiny black catsuit is a great costume and will definitely give you an edge even if it’s only a one-color ensemble. You can totally channel your inner Anne Hathaway with this costume for Halloween.