Fear? Not If You Use Statement Necklace The Right Way!

They say Beauty is Skin Deep, but there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your Beauty on the outside. Aside from Makeup and a Fabulous outfit, there’s another thing that you should always take in consideration when enhancing your Look – Accessorizing yourself! What better way to add Flair to your already beautiful ensemble than making a fashion statement. What’s one of the best ways to make a fashion statement? Add a Statement Necklace to your DO and it can turn any Casual Babe to a Chic Chick!

Don’t fear these bold necklaces by following these quick and easy tips on how to wear them.

Statement necklaces express personality.

statement necklace outfit

Wearing a Statement Necklace can tell the world who you are. It could be relaxed and casual, flirty and fun, or edgy and sharp. Whatever you choose, it easily shows your Personality while becoming a Stylish Focus of your outfit.

It will add a splash of color to your getup.

statement necklace outfit

Liven up your look by adding a splash of colorful statement necklace. You can either add a necklace with colorful components to them or simply wear it with another colorful item that’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

The all-black outfit is always a good idea.

statement necklace outfit

An all Black Outfit will forever be a classy timeless look that could be styled easily. Just combine your all-black outfit with a contrasting statement necklace to complete your edgy and super chic ensemble.

Work-appropriate statement necklace for casual office.

statement necklace outfit

If you can get away with bright colored necklaces at work, especially if you’re working in a casual environment, then go ahead and wear yours over a plain white top and fun, printed skirt.

Keep it professional.

statement necklace outfit

Achieving a polished ensemble doesn’t have to be so dull and boring. Wear a loose blouse and add a statement necklace. It’s an amazing way to spice up an outfit while maintaining a respectable and professional ensemble.

Don’t be scared of geometrical shapes.

statement necklace outfit

A geometrical-patterned necklace can instantly update your plain OOTD into a runway must-have. It’s super easy to top off your outfit to pull off a unique look.

Glam statement necklaces for special occasions.

statement necklace outfit

This decorative necklace is for sure a Great way to create a statement-making look for special occasions. Choose either a chunky style or a more daring style.

Statement sweater with your statement necklace.

statement necklace outfit

Make sure your sweater and statement necklace are best friends by mixing them together perfectly to create a “head-turning” outfit.

T-shirt with flowy maxi skirt and statement necklace for a glam look.

statement necklace outfit

Tired of feeling too uptight? Try this “Street – Style” Ensemble by pairing your favorite Tee with a super flowy Maxi skirt. This entire look screams urban dressy with a hint of modern. Add this type of decorative necklace and you’ve got yourself a Gorgeous Chic, Bohemian feel OOTD!

When sporting a Bold Necklace, keep in mind that you need the rest of your ensemble Simple and Sleek. Let your Statement Necklace do Most of the Work! If you’re feeling bold, you can even add a bright or bold lipstick to compliment your look.

Be Bold and Have Fun!

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