Fashion Trends Then And Now

The interesting thing about fashion is that, patterns and styles often return in innovative ways. It is quite nostalgic to wear them sometimes. It’s a wonder how the designers are able to brainstorm new plans, outfits, creating something that is new, innovative and fresh. They have to, as it’s their job to come out with new designs and trends regularly. But appreciate for a moment the immense creativity that goes into this. It can be so interesting that people are willing to hop onto the new fashion trends quickly.

Let us quickly recall the fashion of the last few decades.

The 60’s

peter pan collars

The 60’s were the decade where style standards started to change, thanks to many new social trends. The patterns of this decade were often innovative, a reflection of the power the young people began to express throughout the world. Traditionalist attire began to change into lively hues and striking prints. Men were asking for more than just customary hued suits. But you could still see tight-fitting ones with geometric patterns. Ladies began wearing mini skirts and dresses that went over the knee.

floral designs

Comeback Trends from the 60’s – Shift dresses, Peter pan collars, smaller than usual skirts, floral designs.

The 70’s

1970s fashion

The hipster style continued all through the mid 70’s. Nearly everyone was seen flaunting bell bottoms and whimsical offbeat prints. This was the most notorious decade, where anybody could wear anything. However styles began to tone down during the mid-70s. There were track suits, relaxing suits, pants suits, and jumpsuits. Outfits began to get loose in the late 70s. Showing skin was in vogue. That implied strapless garments and men wearing unbuttoned shirts.

maxi dress

Comeback Trends from the 70’s – High-waist jeans, floppy caps, platform shoes, maxi dress.

The 80’s

1980s fashion

The mid 80’s weren’t as splendid as the 70s. People started to try different things with neutral hues, flaunting the different shades of brown, tan and orange. Ladies started to explore all kinds of formal clothing. Coats and knee-length skirts were an absolute necessity at work. Neon and sequins were particularly prominent. Each outfit had to go with sunglasses, circle hoops or bracelets. Activewear ruled. Punk style was popular, though the trend actually started during the 70s. The cliché image of mohawks, tore pants and cowhide coats came in.

jelly shoes

Comeback Trends from the 80’s – Denim jackets, monkey wash pants, jelly shoes, sneakers.

The 90’s

high waist pants

If you recollect your most loved sitcoms from the 90’s, you will remember the ladies blending high waist pants with belly exposing crop tops. Many of the styles that we see today started during this decade. From larger than usual sweaters to tying the wool around your waist, these styles stayed beyond the 90s.

babydoll dress

Comeback Trends from the 90’s – Babydoll dresses, boot-cut jeans, woolens, crop tops

The 2000’s

cargo pants

Sure, boot-cut jeans were considered cute in the ’90s, but once the clock flipped on a new millennium, suddenly every cool girl fell in love with her skinny jeans. Cargo pants and miniskirts became popular as well. With cargo pants, the military trend took over the fashion scene. Girls were often seen wearing boyfriend blazers too. It became a must-have for ladies looking to dress down a party dress. And for special occasions, they were seen sporting a statement necklace.