Fashion Tips and Styles for Skinny Girls

Some people in the fashion industry claim that being skinny is better than having too curvy silhouette. Yes, many trends look great on skinny figures, but there are still some styles that skinny woman should avoid.

The Right Cut

Focus on curves and volume when fashioning your attire. You need to create curves where you want them, or add a balanced weight to the entire look. Here, you can dare to wear very tight close cuts or longer, a slight hugging dress, or bigger cuts to make you look wider. Nowadays, there are a number of designs that specialize in creating perfect slim size cuts with feminine curves places exactly where they are desirable.

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hugging dress

Sleeves and Necklines

Dresses and tops with volume on shoulder and hips are great for thin women to create the illusion of curves between waist, bust and hips. You can add curves with an empire-waist dress, peplum style dresses and tops, or you can make fuller silhouette with shift dresses or baby-doll style clothes, although sometimes baby-dolls can also create a visual shorter look.

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long-sleeve top
Sleeves – If you want to hide your scrawny arms, opt for shirts with volume sleeve to create wider look and to balance your silhouette. Draw attention away from the upper half of your body by investing in bright shoes, trousers or skirts, and hide your arm by pairing a long-sleeve top with a bomber jacket or waterfall blazer.

Busts – To fill out the bust area, opt for shirts or dresses that feature heavy prints and colors, as well as details like pleats, ruffles, twists, knots, or ruching at the bodice. If you have a flat bust, opt for a dress with sequins, jewels, or a bow near the collar area to help out your bust. Draping at the neckline can be a very flattering style for small-busted figures, but avoid very deep cleavage such as V-neckline and play fairly with the chest.

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Trousers and Skirts for Skinny Women

flared pants
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As for trousers or pants, a low rise is ideal for creating curvy silhouette. Trousers like boot-cuts or flared pants make your bottoms round and give your body extra shape and dimension. Opt for trousers that are well fitted and notice that wearing palazzo or extra wide-leg pants sometimes just make your legs look lost.

pant suit
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For skirts and dresses, try clothes that are round from your waist down. Asymmetrical, tube or pencil skirts – short or long – that tapers at the knee is a good bet to give a visual extra pounds on your hips. While midi skirts with the hem that stops at the shapeliest part of you calf are also the best bet for skinny women. Play with belts, coats, pleats, tights, etc. to maximize the appearance you want to achieve.

pencil skirt
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If you wish for a mini, pieces like bubble skirts, flare skirts, and A-line skirts can also be a good option. Just make it about four inches above your knee and allow the skirt to be well fitting, not a free size one. Avoid wide leg shorts as they make your legs look like a pair of sticks or the very tight ones that will only make your body looks even skinnier.