Fashion Lessons and Basics Useful in Any Season

Fashion has always been a game of creativity and expressiveness. But of course, just like in any game, there are some rules that need to be respected (or used in a proper way). Besides the usual rules, these colder days also bring us a lot more limitations and boundaries. But, with good ideas, a little bit of inspiration and the right garments, we can overcome any limitation. Take a look at this list of 9 essential garments you should have in your closet this season and every other season as well.

Pointed toe heels


The staple footwear for any girl/woman over 15. They will never go out of style, and they can even make boyfriend jeans look classy. You can easily put them on if you are going for a stroll through a park, or during the night for a night club – you will look appropriate in both occasions. If you are more into simple color combinations, like black and white, opt for black pointed toe heels. If you are a fan of mixing colors and materials, choose nude ones.


3They are essential garments when it comes to layering. Depending on your style, you may opt for casual playsuits, or those fancy formal playsuits. If you decide to wear casual ones, combine them with knits and some gladiators, but if you opt for formal ones, combine them with some pretty heels, a blazer and a fancy piece of jewelry, like a statement necklace for example.

Little black dress

picmonkey-collage5Just like the saying goes: every woman has to have a perfect little black dress. But, there are many rules of buying this dress. Its role is to save the day (or night) so it has to fit you perfectly. Don’t buy it just because it looks good on a mannequin – try it on and make sure that it fits your body type. It shouldn’t be too tight and make you look like a prostitute, nor too wide. If you have a rectangular body shape, get a belted dress which emphasizes your waist; if you have that fruit shape, as I like to say, which resembles an apple or pear – opt for an empire waist or A – line LBD. Strapless ones are perfect for ladies with inverted triangle body type, and for those who are blessed with an hourglass shape – get one which accentuates your figure.
Now, when it comes to fabrics, different occasions and different seasons require different materials. Feminine lace dresses are great for any season. Cotton, chiffon or satin dresses are perfect for summer and spring, and wool, polyester and velvet are for winter.

Black skinny jeans

picmonkey-collage333Since the color black really took over the magazines and fashion shows, black jeans have naturally become the little black dress of jeans. There is probably no girl in the world who doesn’t have at least one pair – if not two or three. Ripped ones or normal ones, they are all trendy. There are also no rules of combining them, which is great if you ask me. Now, I can take my ripped black jeans and put on a blazer and heels without thinking – no one is going to look at me like I am crazy, or take my normal black skinny jeans and combine them with a Harley Davidson T-shirt and army boots. It all depends on your mood, they go great with absolutely everything.

Leather jacket

picmonkey-collage765Just like black skinny jeans, a leather jacket has become the little black dress of jackets. Especially black “biker-like” ones (with many zippers and asymmetric collars). Genuine, faux, patent, matte, it doesn’t matter. You can combine your leather jacket with a faux fur vest when the weather is really cold. You can spice it up with a zipped up flannel shirt under it or a white (or printed) T-shirt with a flannel shirt tied around your waist. Whatever you put on, a leather jacket will add that special note of edge and timeless style, which makes it the ultimate must-have.

Knit cardigans

picmonkey-collage3333Thick ones, light ones, long ones, short ones – they are all perrrrfect. There are no rules of combining – you can put on a wool tank under your cardigan, a long sleeved shirt or something totally different. You can combine your long monochrome cardigan with a denim dress and cool heels. Wool flannel wide leg trousers and a chunky cardigan? Go for it. Of course, make sure that, depending on the thickness of your cardigan, you adjust the thickness of the layers you wear under it. You wouldn’t want to have a heatstroke or something like that, would you?

Ankle boots

picmonkey-collage111They are super cute, versatile and universal, in other words – perfect street style footwear. It doesn’t matter if they are flat, heeled, thin, chunky – they are always elegant somehow and have a special note of sexy also. Another great thing about them is that they are always really comfortable, and also protect your feet from coldness because they are always warm inside. Combine them with skinny (or boyfriend) jeans, skirts, dresses, oh what the hell – combine them with absolutely anything you want.

Boyfriend jeans

picmonkey-collage222They have another nickname which is: Baggy. The word practically speaks for itself. They go great with everything, but if you are not a fan of tomboy style, I suggest you combine them with body shirts, tank tops etc, because you don’t want everything on you to be baggy, right? Add some sandals to make the entire combo softer and voila – ready to conquer the city streets.

Basic white shirt

picmonkey-collage444There really is nothing much to say here. You simply have to have this. Why? Because they literally go with everything.

That would be it. Make sure that you have these in your closet if you consider yourself a true fashionista. Till the next time, xoxo.