Famous People Who Vape: 6 Popular Celebs Who Are Using E-cigs to Quit Smoking

Are you aware that vaping can assist you in quitting smoking? Or are you interested in trying out vaping thus exploring the e-cigs world? Vaping popularity isn’t dying anytime soon, and somewhat it’s likely to continue skyrocketing. Tons of celebrities participate in vaping to assist them in saying goodbye to cigarette smoking as a whole. Here are some of the most popular stars who are making use of e-cigs to aid them to stop smoking

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is one of the most popular celebs who has made the headlines about her severe cigarette addictions. Nonetheless, she moved abroad in Mykonos and opened her hotel. The formerly troubled starlet has turned a new leaf in her life.

Currently, Lindsay is looking forward to a more calm life on the sunny sandy beaches. Fascinatingly she is among the 1st pioneers in celebrity vaping.

She’s been spotted on and off vaping to manage anxiety as well as control her nicotine cravings.

  • Katy Perry

Justifying smoking can be hard, especially if you’re in the limelight. Smoking is not only detrimental to general health but can also do some severe damage to a singer’s vocals

Katy Perry has come out about her anxiety as well as mental health. One can often imagine she used smoking as a means to calm down. However, she has chosen to become health-conscious and has decided to take e-cigs.

  • Zayn Malik

Zayn is another famous celeb who has been vaping. He is entirely known more so after parting ways with the legendary one direction band. He has come out concerning his troubled past and revealed his sufferings. He has battled severe anxiety problems as well as an eating disorder.

In his past, he leaned to smoking cigarettes as a way to control his appetite. However, he has made a significant switch to e-cigs.

They are quite helpful when it comes to managing severe pain as well as relaxing after a stressful day. To get them, one can quickly check on-net or make an entirely stop at a vape shop and place an order. 

  • Bruno mars

The uptown funk crooner had turned to cigarettes to help him cope with a stressful lifestyle. However, he has made a switch to vaping to assist him in preserving his pleasant melodious voice.

  • Simon Cowell

Here’s another famous celeb who has been known to be a heavy smoker. He suffered a heart attack back in 2012, which made him question his choice of lifestyle. It could become said that such a significant incident led him to make a substantial change and start vaping.

  • Sienna miller

Sienna has battled with substance abuse. However, she is now clean as well as sober. She has come out to confront her past and how e-cigs assisted her during the dark times trying to manage her cravings.

Smoking often affects general health negatively in the long-run. That’s why we see more people shifting to vaping. If you want to take the same route, you can visit the nearest vape shop and choose among different varieties. Get to do various tricks and enjoy different flavors while having fun in a health-conscious manner.