Famous Handbags Inspired by Iconic Women

famous female handbag names 11A couple of days ago, Jane Birkin requested luxury brand Hermès to remove her name from the iconic Birkin bag. It caused a lot of media frenzy. Jane Birkin was a model back in the day and is admired until this day after calling out the luxury brand for their cruel practices on slaughtering crocodiles and the production of the Hermès bag that’s carrying her name. The style icon earned praises for what she did and it makes us wonder how do they do it? How do they get these style icons agree to using their name for others to benefit from. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most famous female handbags of all time.


Alexa ChungIt’s not just us who has a major girl-crush on Brit style star Alexa Chung. The Alexa satchel is named after her during Mulberry’s 40th anniversary. Mulberry is a brand that specializes in leather goods, jewelry and women’s clothing which are mostly in-demand products. Since the release of the Alexa bag in 2010, the company doubled the production of their women’s handbags.


famous female handbag names 2Modeling and acting aren’t just what Cara Delevingne can do. Just this year, she unveiled her AW15 range for Mulberry as well. The backpack-strapped Cara bag has a touch of the model-actress wanting “there to be hidden gems inside, based on things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are.”


famous female handbag names 3Jackie Kennedy Onassis started carrying a Gucci hobo bag in the 70s. This particular bag was born in 1947. After seeing Jackie wearing it, Gucci decided to rename it The Jackie.


famous female handbag names 4Tom Ford and former French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld combined their fashion powers to create a handbag. They’ve been longtime friends since and it’s no surprise Ford would name his tote after the Gucci stylist and editor.


famous female handbag names 5Saint Laurent was inspired by Anita Pallenerg to make a cross-body boho fringe bag.


famous female handbag names 6It was Saint Laurent who introduced the fringed bucket bag. Then he got inspired and borrowed Paris Vogue’s editor-in-chief editor Emmanuelle Alt, naming it, Emmanuelle.


famous female handbag names 7American screenwriter, director, producer and actress Sofia Coppola teamed up with Louis Vuitton and came out with a duffel-shape bag in 2010. Louis Vuitton is known for their excellent leather and subtle design.


famous female handbag names 8Dior’s Lady was created in 1994 – it’s a petite handbag that was renamed just after Princess Diana in 1996. She liked it so much just after purchasing it in Paris.


famous female handbag names 9Hermès isn’t just famous for their Birkin, but also for the single-handle Kelly bag as well. It was created in the late 19th century that gained popularity around the 50s after Grace Kelly carried it in To Catch a Thief and later, in just whenever and wherever she was as the Princess of Monaco. The company renamed it after the Princess in 1977.


www.thepresidentwearsprada.comRalph Lauren created a signature Ricky bag that’s named after his wife Ricky Lauren.