Fall-Friendly Fabrics for Women

fall fabric 9What’s exciting about fall is that we get to wear cozy fabrics.
There are several fabrics that don’t mesh well with warm temperatures in the summer but fall – the season is just something else.

Here are some of the fabrics you need to break out and shop your top picks along the way.


fall fabric 1Leather
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Maybe it’s not that cozy, but think about it – your cozy sweater to go with leather trousers? Yes, please. A common street style essential that you’ve seen on your favorite fashion bloggers and magazines, you can definitely pull off this one. Wear an entire leather ensemble – leather jacket, leather trousers, and leather shoes – and then a sweet and colorful sweater for a nice mix.


fall fabric 2Corduroy
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Have this ever went out of style? A corduroy romper will look great with a multicolored sweater and comfortable sneakers, just to give your look that retro feel.


fall fabric 3Satin
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Satin is a fancy fabric. You don’t have to worry about sweat marks because this fabric is totally sweat-proof. When you need to dress up for a special occasion, a satin long-sleeved dress is your best bet. Complete your outfit a mini shoulder bag and high heels.


fall fabric 4Tweed
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If you have a tweed coat, then you’re just as fall-prepared as we are. We believe having at least one tweed clothing on your closet is essential. It’s a fabric that a classic and will give out a sophisticated vibe. You can never go wrong with tweed.


fall fabric 5Knit
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It’s another fall essential – whether it would be sweaters, skirts or scarves – who’s excited to wear the comfiest fabric of them all?


fall fabric 6Velvet
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Velvet is ideal for cold days – where you think knit won’t suffice. When it comes to velvet, take advantage of it and channel Winona Ryder.


fall fabric 7Suede
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What’s nice about this fabric is that you get to embrace the 70s trend for fall – and for other seasons as well. Whether it’s your boots, skirt, vest, jacket or coat – suede is an essential and at least have a few suede pieces in your wardrobe.