Fall and Winter Trend Essentials for Women Who Live in Warm Locations

fall winter women in warm weather 9Isn’t it sad how some areas can’t experience really cold weathers? That they can’t wear these cashmere sweaters and classy-looking trench coats.

If you want to sport some fall and winter stylish outfits but it’s always hot where you live, then worry no more. While it takes a lot of effort not to wear thick textured-fabrics, we have a couple of tips below on how you should start building your fall and winter outfit where you are.


fall winter women in warm weather 1Burgundy
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Like we said from our previous post, burgundy is the color of fall and winter 2015. Anything that a rich fall hue – like hunter green or anything will make you feel like you’re on trend with the rest of the world where there’s real fall and winter. For example, rock burgundy shorts or a winter coat in a fall and winter tone.


fall winter women in warm weather 2Plaid
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Plaid is one of the most quintessential fall patterns. It’s an essential not only for fall, but for throughout the year. What you should do is grab a plain shirt that’s made of thin material then layer it over a thin outerwear.


fall winter women in warm weather 3Suede Skirt
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While suede coats and jackets are some of the things you should avoid, mini or midi suede skirts are some of the key pieces to rock the fall trend effortlessly. All you need to do is pair it with a simple blouse or thin knit then you’re good to go.


fall winter women in warm weather 4Fringe
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Another fall trend that keeps coming back is fringe. Fringe accessories are a great way to rock the statement accent.


fall winter women in warm weather 5Ankle Boots
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Grab these fall staple but make sure they’re ankle length because it’s perfect for warm climates. It doesn’t matter if you wear it with tights or going with shorts, just steer clear of boots with high shafts.


fall winter women in warm weather 6

Sleeveless turtleneck
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Sometimes, we crave for chunky knits but instead of a chunky knit sweater, go with a sleeveless turtleneck. You can wear it on its own or by layering it with a thin tee. You can easily pair it with a pencil skirt for work or denim for the weekend.


fall winter women in warm weather 7Sleeveless Coat
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Sporting a sleeveless coat is a great way to wear a long coat silhouette without feeling warm or hot in warm weather. You can easily style it with a chic sleeveless dress or a tee and skirt or jeans.