Fall Accessories Every Man Should Buy Now

men accessories 6You need five of these accents for your autumn arsenal.

You definitely don’t need more wool in your wardrobe. Time to switch up your accessories and continue to look stylish by keeping your ensemble seasonal.


men accessories 1Cashmere or Fine Cotton Scarf
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There will be fall days that you will feel warm and there will be fall days that you will feel cold. Choose a cashmere or fine-cotton scarf to wrap in your neck to ensure that it can still breathe even on warmer days, but will retain heat when it’s a little cold.


men accessories 2Wide-Brimmed Felt Fedora Hats
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Beanies is for the lazy man’s way of tackling the cold weather. To keep your head dry for fall and winter, go for a wide-brimmed style hat instead. Choose a couple of fall hues like burgundy and military green to get your look that nice finishing touch.


men accessories 3Leather Boots
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You’re going to need a rubber sole when you walk the cold and slippery pavements. Get yourself a sturdy pair of stylish leather boots that’s versatile that can definitely keep up with the weather.


men accessories 4Watch
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A new watch will make sure you’ve actually got something on your wrist. Opt for a watch that will chide you into veering that winter paunch.


men accessories 5A New Bag
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On top of all of the extra layers you’re wearing, carrying a backpack will only make you look bulky. Instead, choose tote bags. Look for something that’s made of waterproof material like nylon which can be folded down when travelling or expands when you’ve got a lot of things to carry.