Everyday Folk & Ethnic Outfit Ideas

ethnic and folk outfit ideas 111How awesome would it be to wear a national dress or costume for everyday or a special party (without looking OVTT), with elements of ethnic and folk? It’s not a common occurrence for women to wear their national costume or anything, but some awesome designers have tweaked it a bit without ruining the original elements of their country’s style. Check out some of our favorites below.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 1Lovely combination of blue, purple and orange with this dress from Israel – which the model wore to a reggae festival. She accessorized with earrings from Kumbamela and necklace from Sinai, Egypt. How cool is that? Also, the scarf is from India.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 2A charming 60s inspired look that consists of a dirndl, it’s a traditional dress worn in south of Germany like Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. This type of dress is known to be expensive because hand-printed and silk fabrics cost a lot, especially the tailoring and cutouts as well.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 3Here’s an Indian-inspired drawstring loose dress in royal blue with intricate embellishments. The accessories were simple – a black hat and black loafers. Get this dress from Shein.com.


PrintEasily head to work in a kimono cardigan, a halter crop top and palazzo pants. A kimono is a Japanese tradition garment which means “thing to wear”, are T-shaped with printed/painted designs in a straight-lined robes worn that falls to the ankle with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Many designers have modernized the kimono in different lengths like cropped, waist-length and many more.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 5Here’s a majestic and oriental Persian outfit. Pleated maxi skirt, an ethnic-looking blazer and of course, dangling earrings.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 6A German with Grecian vibe inspired boho look complete with a long white gown with ethnic prints, slip-ons and braids.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 7A kaftan (or caftan) is similar to a robe or tunic with various versions worn by several cultures around the world for a thousand of years. They’re often worn as a coat or overdress that reaches the ankles with long sleeves. Some are made of wool, cotton, silk or cashmere and usually worn with a sash. Kaftan originated from the ancient Mesopotamia. Designers have modernized that caftan and made it into a dress, which can either be light-weight, loose-fit or simply made for colder weather. In some parts of history, the kaftan was once a symbol of marriage.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 8A simple yet fashionable all-white outfit that consists of an embroidered ethnical Ukrainian blouse, white trousers, checkered cutch and white Birkenstock sandals.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 9Sport an exotic gypsy boho Arabian look like this one. It’s colorful and beautiful with the right vintage skirt, a modern lace blouse and jewelries from Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon and India. The turban is pretty stylish as well.


ethnic and folk outfit ideas 10This super cool duo-print skirt is a nice resemblance of Russia. Red is ultimately their color and with that, your top should just be plain and simple since you’re going to let the skirt do all the talking. Accessorize with gold accessories because red and gold always look great together.