Essential Sweater Styles for Women

sweater for women fall winter 7
You can definitely find a lovely sweater to wear for every day this fall and winter. It’s a little hard to just stick to one sweater. And with that, we rounded out the ones every woman should own.

There are a ton of sweaters you can wear for winter that will look great for layering under a dress or maybe tucking them into your trousers. Also, for the office with your pencil skirt or even skinny jeans for the weekend.


sweater for women fall winter 1Sweater Dress
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It’s basically still considered a sweater but it will give your look a chicer vibe because of its silhouette. Sweater Dresses are for the body-conscious while giving enough texture and movement to remain appropriate for any sort of event.


sweater for women fall winter 2Fair Isle
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Channel your inner ski bunny with a Fair Isle pattern or a more modern striped approach for a casual style.


sweater for women fall winter 3Cozy Turtleneck
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Forget about the weight or the style, a turtleneck sweater will keep you warm and will elongate your with style at the same time.


sweater for women fall winter 4Striped
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We all know stripes go with almost everything. If you want more style to your look but don’t want anything to over the top, go with stripes.


sweater for women fall winter 5Fisherman
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It’s the classic cozy sweater – the fisherman sweater. The intrinsic texture of the knit gives an extra dimension to what you style you want to sport without adding any color or pattern.


sweater for women fall winter 6Thin-Ribbed Knit
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Thin knits works best for layering. Instead of donning your favorite long sleeve tee this fall, go with thin-ribbed knits since it will also give your look a more sophisticated take.