Essential Style Lessons From Italians

The Brits have funny teeth, the French have berets and baguettes, and the Dutch have their penchant for short-sleeved shirts and pulled-up white socks.

Every country has its own style. Virile and invariably well-dressed, Italian men is probably the most stylish bunch out there. Here are some key style lessons we can learn from this fantastic country.

You Can Look Good in a Vest


Most men make the mistake of treating their padded vest as an outer layer. The trick, as the Italians understand, is to treat it as an inner sheath, an insulating layer over your shirt and beneath your jacket. Choose a matte fabric, team with an open-neck white shirt, a blazer, and a pair of slim-cut washed jeans for your weekend in Rome look.

Always Wear Your Sunglasses


The Italians know that everyone looks better in their sunglasses. Follow their lead and never take yours off. Just make sure you find the right pair for your face. If you have a round jaw, opt for a square or rectangular frame. Get a round frame if you have square jaw. Try an aviator if you are not sure about your face dimensions of your face.


italian mens fashion

Italian men understand that details matter. Instead of wearing a matte poplin shirt with a flat mohair suit, a stylish Italian will play with texture and wear a soft cotton jersey shirt with a deconstructed houndstooth cashmere blazer and a boiled wool overcoat. Contrast in texture is the key to a successful outfit.


shirt with vest

Just as texture is important, so too is creating a sense of depth with clever layering. Italian men won’t think twice about wearing a classic shirt beneath a knitted overshirt, beneath a vest, beneath a blazer, beneath an overcoat.

Men Can Wear Color Too

colored pants

Visit any major Italian city and you will see that men wear as much color as the women. It is important though to select washed-out, soft shades. A dusty pink sweater with a soft blue blazer and cream chinos, for instance, or a brighter blue suit with a white shirt and indigo overcoat. Pick one with a slightly bolder shade and team with more traditional colors to keep things from getting out of hand.

High Quality Clothing Always

giorgio armani

Italy has some of the richest billionaires, and they are all well-dressed. Just look at Patrizio Bertelli of Prada, Giorgio Armani, or Diego Della Valle of Tod’s. They are all extremely wealthy and all extraordinarily stylish. Dress like these men and you will be on your way to your first million dollars in no time.


careless dressing

Apart from ciao and pronto, the most important Italian word is sprezzatura, which means “studied carelessness”. The term is perfect for how Italian men dress. Like them, your clothes too should look as if they have been thrown on without a thought (even if you have spent four hours in front of the mirror deciding which trouser length works best with your loafers). Just remember – looking effortless is a balancing act.