Easy Ways to Wear Camo for Men

camo 7Remember back in spring 2013 when every designer had camo in their collection and we didn’t really care about it before? Well, lucky for you, you can wear camo this season in a fresher way.


camo 1Camo shirt
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Printed t-shirt are pretty big this year. When you wear a camo shirt, it would be best to pair it with jeans for a casual look. Camouflage is a pretty timeless motif so easily integrate some military masculinity into your wardrobe for an easy of future proofing your look.
camo 2Camo jacket
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A lightweight camouflage jacket is going to be a powerful weapon in your layering stash. Choose a breathable canvas than mix it in with your shirt and overcoat for a look that will style your ensemble for the cooler temperature.


camo 3Camo shorts
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Pair your camo shorts with a sweatshirt, button-down shirt and white low-tops. The camo shorts will bring an edgy vibe when mixed with the traditional preppy outfit.


camo 4Camo accessories
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Adding camo into your monochrome outfit will give your style a whole new level of freshness. When wearing simple outfits, add spice into your outfits with camo accessories, like a bag.


camo 5Camo bomber jacket
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It’s the perfect extra layer for chilly evenings. When you wear a camo jacket, the result will be really amazing. Pair it with black shirt, gray pants and leather lace-up shoes for a smart and polished look.