Easy and Cute Nail Art Ideas

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It’s time to try out some easy nail art ideas that will make your nails look cute and fun in a very short period of time.

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Here’s a super cute nail art tutorial. All you need is a solid-colored nail polish, some glitter and nail varnish. Just add the glitter to the ¾ of your nails, gradually decreasing when you’re already around the middle. You want to have that sort of gradient effect. You can also add not only glitter dusts but also those cute and fun shapes that you is already made and available in a couple of drugstores.

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First, paint your nails turquoise (or any color you like) then let it dry. Take out a clean plastic wrap, scrunch it and paint another color into the scrunched portion of the plastic. When your nails are completely dry, simply stamp the plastic into your nails. When you’re done, clean the excess polish with nail polish remover and add a clear varnish.

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For this next one, you’re going to need a base color and a color for your triangle shape. Add your base color then let it dry. Then, stick two little pieces of tape together to form a triangle shape. Paint over the tape with your second color then after a few minutes, remove them. Apply top coat and you’re done.

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French mani with polka dots – you’re going to need a white nail polish and a clear varnish, also, a dotting tool. You can use toothpicks for this but it’ll be a bit smaller Flesh-toned polish is optional. First, make sure your nails are clean and evenly-trimmed. To do fresh manicure easily, place a piece of tape to the tips and apply a coat or two. Once they’ve dried, remove the scotch tape and carefully apply the flesh-toned manicure on the unpainted portion of the nails. After drying, just add polka dots with the use of a dotting tool or toothpick. Then finish it off with a clear nail varnish.


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For this easy lace manicure, you’re going to need lace fabric and a base color. Cut lace fabrics into your nail shape. Apply your base color then let it dry a bit after adding the lace. To keep the fabric in place, add a clear coat and let it dry.

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Before starting, add a clear varnish into your nails because it acts as a barrier between the acetone and the white polish. This will prevent your nails from having bald spots. When you’re going to paint, paint in a dabbing motion to get more of that “water splotchy look”.

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For this splatter tutorial, start by painting your nails a light-colored polish. If you have an old slanted makeup brush or a small paintbrush, use it and dip it into a bright polish. Dip the brush into acetone to thin it out then just splatter it across your nails. Make it as messy as possible. Go on and splatter many colorful polishes as you like so it wouldn’t look boring. Also, use bright ones. Just clean off the excess afterwards and don’t forget the clear top coat.


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Try out this fading effect polish – you’re going to need a foundation sponge and two nail polishes. Apply base coat on your nails then apply the second color into the slightly wet sponge. Paint it at the tip until the middle, it should look like a monochromatic color like the picture above. So the darkest color is the exact color of your second polish, then a lighter shade of it then the white shade which is your base color. Apply top coat for a polished look.


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To achieve this easer egg nails, you’re going to need a couple of pastel polishes and a dotting tools. Just mix different colors into one nails with dots and lines. Be creative. It’s super easy. Don’t forget the clear varnish.



Create a flower nail art design by using only a dotting tool. Apply a light color as your base and whichever color you want for your flower. The center of your flower should be in a different color, so dot it wherever you want your flower to be. Wipe the polish from the dotting tool and just dot five around the center of your flower.