Easter Brunch Outfit Ideas

easter brunch outfit ideas 11

Oh how we love that old-fashioned family brunch with our families especially during Easter. It could in a luxurious hotel, or a countryside farm-to-table restaurant, somewhere that requires you to dress up a bit and worthy of posting on social media. Also, we really would like to cherish the moment we spend time with our families. We have here a couple of outfit ideas and some tips on how to dress up for Easter brunch. Some of these are already inside your wardrobe so all you need to is just style and mix and match them.

easter brunch outfit ideas 1Dress up based on what your plans are for the day. Whether it would be going to church service first then brunch, or brunch first then off to backyard Easter egg hunting.

easter brunch outfit ideas 2Select an ensemble that’s appropriate for the activities but always keep in mind comfort and location.

easter brunch outfit ideas 3But first, when your family decides that you will go to church service first to worship God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, dress in a respectful way. Dresses should be in knee-length or even longer. Nothing to revealing and nothing super elegant that you will look like you’re heading to a black tie party.

easter brunch outfit ideas 4Choose dressy outfits – it could be a sundress with a cute cardigan, or even a pair of dressy slacks with silk blouse. When your activity for the day requires running around, choose a pair of comfortable flats.

easter brunch outfit ideas 5Also, don’t forget to choose spring colors and patterns – bright colors, pastel, washed out, floral, beach, something really pretty and girly.

easter brunch outfit ideas 6Never forget that your skin tone still matters when you select an outfit. Some will not look good in pastel colors and some will looked washed out. Because of that, opt for brighter tones.

easter brunch outfit ideas 7Pair pastels can easily be matched with dark colors. It will look super elegant and pretty on you. Still, continue to be mindful of your body shape because not everyone will look amazing in an all-pastel outfit.

easter brunch outfit ideas 8When it comes to prints, large patterns can make a woman look heavier, so if you’re body shape is slightly larger, you should choose something with delicate patterns. Your top could be printed and bottoms something in solid color.

easter brunch outfit ideas 9When it’s chilly, choose something cute and feminine as your outerwear like a floral cardigan or jacket. It will provide layering versatility for the event yet incorporating a bit of the season’s theme.

easter brunch outfit ideas 10Never forget about accessorizing. These are your hair accessories, bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry. These will put together your outfit for this very special day.