Dressing Up Like a Real French Woman

dressing up like a real parisian 12It always baffles a lot of people how effortlessly stylish and incredible chic Parisian women (or French women, in general) have that sense of style. When it comes to fashion, France seriously has the pick of It girls.

If you want to try out the chic French fashion because you’re heading to France soon, or just wanting to sport a new style, here are a couple of outfit ideas and ways to achieve the real deal.


dressing up like a real parisian 1111French women aren’t afraid of wearing eye-catching tops. The trick is to choose either a dark or neutral one and leave the rest of your outfit neutral or dark as well.


dressing up like a real parisian 2Less is certainly more sometimes. And when it comes to trends, they’re not really a slave for those short-lived fads.


dressing up like a real parisian 3They don’t wear anything that’s super flashy or too tight for them to be in or too high for them to walk in. French women love timeless pieces and classic looks.


dressing up like a real parisian 5When it comes to the fit of their clothes, they’re obsessed of with the cut. They usually dress for their body type and they make sure that the clothes they’re in hug their body in all the right areas.


dressing up like a real parisian 6They’re very much into the neutrals – nude, navy, black and white – it’s all about mixing and matching. Though it may look simple to some, but they add some fun jewelries, sunglasses and ballet flats to make their look appropriate anywhere they go.


dressing up like a real parisian 7Think of this – would you rather invest a coat that costs $1500 which you’ll wear for the next couple of years or a $99 jacket you’ll only wear twice for the year? French women invest on staples, something that’s simply timeless and they could wear for a few more years. It may be pricey, but it’s all about the quality.


dressing up like a real parisian 8Details also matter. When you want to look polished and stylish, don’t wear anything with chips, flaws or creases. French women observe others and see the flaws on the others’ outfits, although they focus more on the finer details which will make you appear effortlessly classy.


dressing up like a real parisian 9Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” That means – you shouldn’t over accessorize – you don’t show too much legs and cleavage at the same time.


dressing up like a real parisian 10French women have a love affair with their scarves. It’s one of the accessories you should invest in if you want to feel the whole French fashion vibe.


dressing up like a real parisian 11Leave some undone – shirt half-untucked with a couple of buttons undone, folded boots and unlaced once, looking slightly unpolished but not to the point where you’d look like you can’t be bothered to dress up. This is what the street-style bloggers from France are sporting these days.