Dressing Up for Any Occasion

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Outfits – there are so many to choose from that sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to wear for a specific occasion. What a person ears always gives an impression of who, how and what she really is that’s why it’s important to leave a good impression. This is your guide to the modern do’s and don’ts of proper attire.

  1. First off, it’s always important to know what type of event your attending. It’ll be easier to know exactly what the expectations can be and you wouldn’t end up wearing something like plain white tee and boyfriend jeans while everybody is wearing a dress.
  2. It is always nice to know what’s trendy and what you must wear for the season. It’s actually a no-brainer. Know what time the event starts and how the weather is going to be, especially when it will be held outside.
  3. We’re pretty sure you already have a couple of outfits to wear to these occasions, so just go ahead and look through your closet and see if there’s something you could wear. It will also save you a good amount of money.
  4. And when there’s nothing you can find in the closet, you could always go shopping. Ask your friend to help you pick the right attire to wear for the special event.
  5. Never forget to get yourself matching shoes and accessories that will go with your outfit. It’s the ultimate task that will put-together your entire appearance.

Occasion # 1 – Wedding

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Don’t wear black, red, and white no matter how cute the dress is. For daytime weddings, lean towards the casual side and don’t go near those embellished and sequined types.

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Always assume that it’s “semi-formal” when the invitation says the ceremony is during the afternoon and the reception is in the evening. A cocktail dress or something that will is suited to wear for evening.

Occasion # 2 – Cocktail Party

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Cocktail dresses are the most common. They are the dressy-casual type. Don’t go for fabrics that are way too casual like denim, jersey and chino.

Occasion # 3 – Baptism

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For a baptism, wear a little bit of color. Try out a colorful suit or a nice dress. Nothing too flashy.

Occasion # 4 – Night on the Town

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Some would think that looking for the perfect night out dress is simple. It is, when you know your body. Pick one body part that you would want to accentuate.

Occasion # 5 – Dinner Party

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Don’t overdress because you’ll make the dinner host feel insufficient, apprehensive, and even uneasy. It’s a good idea to always ask the host for advice.

Occasion # 6 – Job Interview

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It’s one of the most important days in a person’s life because that s the time the person will make the best first impression possible. A suit is standard when it comes to interviews, you can never go wrong with a suit. But if you don’t have a suit, you can always choose something business formal for alternatives. It usually depends on the field you’re applying in. When in doubt, you could always call the HR executive and ask if what kind of outfit is appropriate.

Occasion # 7 – Meeting THE PARENTS

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Don’t look like a school librarian when you want to make a good impression, also, don’t show too much cleavage, and wear sky high heels or something extreme. Opt for a simple dress in a pretty pattern.

Occasion # 8 – Company Party

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Keep things professional but still in line with the event. If it’s a conservative environment, dress conservatively. No matter how casual and laid-back or relaxed your office environment is, never wear anything provocative or anything too revealing. You want to be taken seriously.

Occasion # 9 – First Date

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It’s pretty tricky – you want to look great without trying too hard. Just think of comfort. It’s important as well.

Occasion # 10 – Funeral

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Though you’re outfit doesn’t need to be in black, it just needs to be respectful. You can try dark neutrals if you don’t want to wear black. Nothing bright like neon, yellow, orange and other flashy objects. It’s not the time to wear anything festive or fun unless you were asked to otherwise.

Occasion # 11 – Night at the Theater, Ballet or Opera

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Back then, people used to dress to the nines for evenings out. Now, people can go to Broadway and wear a loose pair of jeans and tank tops. Just because you can be casual, doesn’t mean you should be. If you paid for a huge amount of sum to watch the show, why not dress up for it as well? You don’t have to wear anything like a formal long gown; you can wear a cocktail dress or a sophisticated suit.