Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Sneakers

Sneakers were once just for the gym, basketball players and anyone under the age of 12. All that has changed! This comfortable footwear that protects your feet from the everyday wear and tear is now suitable for every occasion. However, we can still make mistakes when wearing sneakers, like for instance the unsightly ankle socks. This advice should be very handy.


Don’t Leave the Court


High-tops have made their way onto the streets in every offensive way possible, from pairings with shrunken hipster skinny jeans to hip-hop jean shorts. If you are going to get active, you can pick a pair of b-ball shoes that don’t sacrifice fashion for function. After games, leave the shoes in the locker room.

Stick With the Classics

classic sneakers for men

You can wear classic sneakers with anything. These are your basic, low-cut lace-up type without any glitz. Think about the timelessness of a basic Converse lace-up. One simple color goes with everything from jeans to a tailored trouser. You can dress it up with a blazer or keep it totally easy with a pair of shorts to beat the summer heat.

Don’t Go For Hybrids

hybrid sneakers

The combination of a sneaker and a dress shoe ends up looking like a clunky block of wood that’s been hermetically sealed to your ankle. With hefty leathers and lug soles thick enough for a North Pole expedition, these shoes masquerade as something more sophisticated. It’s a fashion mistake you can’t afford to make.


sneakers with socks

Always wear socks if you lead an active life, because shoving your foot into a sneaker without socks can turn it into a sweaty mess. Traditional socks look the best. Ankle socks and tube socks can ruin the look completely.

Crop and Roll

sneakers with cropped trousers

Feel free to go for a pair of cropped trousers or gently roll up your slim denim jeans. This is a hem that ends slightly above the edge of the shoe to purposefully reveal a tiny bit of ankle. It creates a tailored silhouette that focuses attention on your shoes, but it typically only works with clean, sophisticated sneakers in a single color.

Dress Down To Dress Up

Until just a few years ago, wearing sneakers with anything but the most casual of clothes was considered a fashion crime. However, sneakers are now more versatile. The right sneaker can transform a buttoned-up look into something more accessible, comfortable and practical. Try a pair as an alternative to a stuffy dress shoe on a casual Friday at the office. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend a little earlier.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

bright sneaker

Perhaps the worst culprit of all is the over-designed sneaker. You will find some where the color combinations are too bright and awkward. Most men are able to avoid them. Still, some who think they are taking a walk on the wild side dare to sport these eye-assaulting atrocities.

Separate Sports from the Streets

Men need at least two pairs of sneakers – One for the workout, and the other for the city streets. Most men never bother to wear sneakers outside the gym, or worse, some actually make athletic shoes do double duty as street wear. While there are definitely shoes that can handle every situation, it’s best to make a clear distinction.